Tasmania has the cleanest air and most breathtaking scenery in the world

Whether you’re looking for a place to see some animals, rainforests, re-visit history or have an adventure-filled vacation, Tasmania is waiting.

The island of natural wonders offers all sorts of activities – Serene mountain ranges are perfect for hiking during springtime where alpine flowers bloom at every turn providing extra colour and photo ops. Lush greenery also offers stunning views overlooking vast plains stretching across beautiful valleys.

Enjoy farm-fresh produce, artisan products, jewellery, fashion, ceramics and so much more at the various markets held throughout Tasmania.

The rich history of Tasmania dates back centuries including remnants left by early European settlers. Penal colonies as well as aboriginal villages that are still inhabited today.

Visit the untamed wildness, witness the beautiful coastlines, explore the heartlands and enjoy the fresh pristine air of Tasmania.

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