Northern Territory

Unforgettable travel experiences are sure to make your trip one-of-a-kind!

The Northern Territory (NT) is a vast and incredible place, from the mighty monolith of Uluru to the desert town of Alice Springs.

The NT is a land rich in adventure and natural beauty. From Kakadu National Park to Uluru, explore this vast and diverse country as you follow the footsteps of ancient cultures, from the Aboriginal to the European settlers.

Experience its unique culture with festivals such as Darwin Festival or Melanesian Festivals that celebrate their heritage through song, dance and food. Alternatively, start your journey at Ayers Rock where you can take a helicopter flight over this magnificent rock formation before exploring it on foot or by camelback.

Many people visit the N.T. for an adventure seeker’s mecca but there are so many things that you can do in this bright red outback region: clear waterholes, ancient Aboriginal culture and coastal Darwin with its neighbouring islands.

Explore the beautiful Litchfield National Parks and Katherine Gorge. See the abundance of wildlife including Wallabies, Crocodiles, Kangaroo’s and Emu’s, all in their natural habitats.

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