A camping fridge is a must for any camping trip, and a drawer fridge 12v is perfect for those who want the convenience of a fridge without taking up too much space.

Initially, we were looking for a standard camping fridge which is why we researched and wrote the Ultimate Guide To The Best Camping Fridge. Now, we think a 12v drawer fridge freezer might suit us best. Hence we’ve researched and written this guide about drawer fridge freezer 12v.

Although at the time of writing we are waiting on our 4×4, we are considering a 12v drawer fridge freezer as it will save space and weight in our rig. With all the other 4×4 accessories we need to add to our rig, every little bit of weight saved has to be a good thing right?

If you’re looking for the best 12v drawer fridge for camping, your 4×4, caravan, camper trailer or campervan then look no further – we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll take you through all you need to know about these handy little fridges, from features to models to prices. So read on and find the perfect 12v drawer fridge for your needs!

If you want to know what we think is the TOP pick for a 12v drawer fridge click here.

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Best Drawer Fridge 12v Comparison Chart

BrandCapacityPower SourceDimensions WxHxDWeightPriceFeaturesRating
EvaKool Drawer FridgeEvaKool Drawer Fridge Review40 Litres12v | 24v590 x 325 x 830 35 kgsClick HereLED display, Holds 48 cans, Secop compressor*****
Engel Drawer FridgeEngel Drawer Fridge Review30 Litres12v | 24v440 x 250 x 71619 kgsClick Hereleft, right & back mount available, Sawafuji Swing Motor, Holds 35 cans*****
Dometic Waeco Coolmatic CD 30 Drawer FridgeWaeco Coolmatic D30 compressor Drawer Fridge30 Litres12v | 24v440 x 250 x 73019.3 kgsClick HereContinuous variable thermostat, Seacop BD35 compressor, Holds 35 cans*****
Kings Drawer FridgeKings Drawer fridge review30 Litres12v | 24v440 x 260mm x 69517.2kgClick HereDigital Thermostat, Secop BD1.4F compressor, Holds 35 cans****
Thunder Drawer FridgeThunder Drawer fridge review23 Litres12v | 24v485 x 325 x 54019.9kgClick HereHas 5 Heavy duty dividers, Wi-Fi enabled, Holds 30 cans***
Vitrifrigo Drawer FridgeVitrifrigo Drawer Fridge review80 Litres12v | 24v666 x 467 x 59538kgClick HereWaterproof digital thermostat, soft close runners****

Top 6 Pull Out Fridge Drawers Australia 2022

  1. EvaKool Drawer Fridge Freezer 40L Platinum
  2. Engel Drawer Fridge 30L
  3. Waeco CD 30L Drawer Fridge and Waeco CD 20L Drawer Fridge
  4. Kings Drawer Fridge 30L
  5. Thunder Drawer Fridge
  6. Vitrifridgio Drawer Fridge 80L

How To Choose the Best Fridge Drawer 12v 2022

Best drawer fridge review

Types Of Drawer Fridge 12v

The drawer fridge 12v comes in two types: drawer fridge with freezer and drawer fridge only. Both come in a range of sizes, from 2-3 cubic feet (25L), for smaller spaces like vans, caravans and 4×4’s up to 6 cubic feet (80L), for those who have a little more room.

Before buying a drawer fridge it’s important to consider whether you want a drawer fridge with a freezer or without. A drawer fridge with a freezer gives you the best of both worlds as it will allow you to store frozen food as well as chilled. It’s also more expensive than a drawer fridge without a freezer.

A drawer fridge without a freezer is smaller and cheaper but only allows you to store chilled food – not frozen.

What Size Drawer Fridge 12v Do You Need?

One of the most important things to consider when buying your drawer fridge freezer is what size you need. Measuring your drawer space will help you work out the drawer size and internal temperature of the drawer fridge freezer you’ll need.

If you’re not sure what drawer fridge freezer size you need, a good rule is to go larger rather than smaller if you have the room. With a larger space you can carry and keep cold both food and drinks.

Another consideration is will you want to use your drawer fridge/freezer as a freezer? If you are hitting the outback and seeing places like Cape York then having a large dedication freezer might be best for you. That way you’ll never run out of meat and frozen goods and save on money in remote places.

Weight of 12v Drawer Fridges

Weight is an important consideration when you are choosing the fridge drawer portable 12v. No matter where you are installing them 4×4/caravan/campervan/boat weight is always a consideration for your camping accessories.

Generally the larger the fridge the heavier they weigh.

That said, with the range of drawer fridges on the market today there are some compact drawer fridges which will fit even the most space-starved drawer spaces.

Quality Of Drawer Fridges 12v

12v drawer fridges come in a range of quality levels, including some cheap models which are good for occasional use but don’t work well for people who need to keep their drawer fridge freezer on all the time

The most important thing is to choose a 12v drawer fridge with enough insulation to keep the drawer fridge freezer cold. Plus has a quality compressor.

12v drawer fridges also come with all types of drawer features including built-in thermometers, fast freeze options and economic energy use. Drawer fridges without these features may be cheaper but they are not as efficient at keeping food cold over time.

Other Considerations For

Placement of 12v Drawer Fridges

One thing that is vital when choosing 12v drawer fridge is where you are going to place it.

The drawer fridge needs to be in an area that is out of direct sunlight where it will not get too warm. Built into the back of your rig or on top of drawers are two great options. Make sure that you leave ventilation around the drawer fridge freezer drawer portable 12v.

As well as being in a cool place, the drawer fridge will need to be connected up to 12v in your 4×4/boat/campervan etc. Some drawer fridges come with an in-built 12v plug while others will come with the lead needed to be plugged into a cigarette lighter socket.

The Thermostat Of The Drawer Fridge Freezer 12v

The drawer fridge needs to be plugged in and switched on to operate. A drawer fridge with a thermostat is actually more efficient than one without as it allows the drawer fridge freezer drawer portable 12v to monitor and regulate the drawer space temperature.

The best drawer fridges have electronic thermostats which can be programmed so that they turn off automatically when the desired drawer space temperature is reached.

Best 12v Fridge Drawer Reviews 2022

Drawer Fridge 12v reviews

Evakool Drawer Fridge Review

EvaKool Drawer Fridge Review




  • 40L – holds 48 cans
  • Compressor – Secop PBC 2.5
  • Weighs
  • 12/24v
  • Temperature ranges -16C – 10C
  • 2 Year Warranty – Electronics and Cabinet
  • 5 Year Warranty – Compressor


The Evakool DC40 eliminates the need for a fridge slide with its unique and innovative drawer system. Simply store all of your items in the drawer and pull the drawer out when you require them.

The Evakool drawer fridge has swiftly become popular with RV and 4×4 owners as it allows you to use the Drawer unit as a refrigerator or a freezer. Many other RV Drawer units on the market can only be used as a refrigerator.

Efficient and compact the Evakool DC40 drawer fridge is durable due to its powder-coated metal cabinet. It also has fully insulated walls, roof and base.

The inside of the 12 volt drawer fridge freezer can be removed for easy cleaning and the compartment lids are made from acrylic. The LED light for the interior makes it easy to see the goods in your fridge.


It’s the heaviest in the range, however, it is also the largest 12v drawer fridge.

Click here for more information, reviews and price for the EvaKool drawer fridge.

Engel Drawer Fridge Review

Engel Drawer Fridge Review




  • 30L – holds 35 cans
  • Sawafuji Swing Motor
  • H165 x W335 x D470
  • Weighs 19kg
  • 12v/24v
  • Temperature range – +8C – 8C
  • 2-year manufacturers warranty

Built-in ventilation and two fans provide for excellent airflow in the Engel 12v Fridge freezer drawer. The powdered coated cabinet is made of steel, the runners are stainless steel, and the Engel fridge 12v drawer has built-in ventilation with dual fans.

With an internal LED light, the Engel SB30F allows you to view all of your beverages and snacks in low light situations. Plus, it has a small Sawafuji Swing Motor for efficiency and dependability.

Depending on your set up the drawer fridge 12v Engel has the choice of a left, right or back location for the compressor.

The Engel Drawer Fridge SB30F is a compact, robust fridge that fits in the back of your 4wd easily. It’s also an excellent secondary fridge for your vehicle if you want a compact and dependable refrigerator for longer trips.


No dividers in the fridge.

Click here for more information, reviews and the Engel Drawer Fridge price.

Waeco Drawer Fridge Review and Dometic Drawer Fridge Review

Waeco Coolmatic D30 compressor Drawer Fridge



12v Draw Fridge Specifications

  • 30L – holds 35 cans
  • Secop compressor
  • 240H x 440W x 720D
  • Weighs 19.9kg
  • 12V/24V
  • Temperature ranges –2°C to +12°C
  • 1-year full warranty + additional 1 year (parts only) compressor


This Waeco cd30 drawer fridge review and the Dometic Coolmatic CD 30 are the same 12v compressor drawer fridge made by the same company, Dometic. You can read a full explanation in our camping fridge review here.

The CD-30 Draw Fridge uses a clever design to turn unused areas into a useful cold store with a capacity of 30 litres. It runs smoothly on roller bearing slides, and its black front panel complements the majority of cars’ interiors. The drawer opens with a simple gesture of your hand, and it offers cold foods and beverages in an instant.

You’ll definitely be able to find a good location for your new CD-30 drawer refrigerator, even if you have little room in your 4×4, caravan, boat, or truck.

The compact design and clever solution: the compressor may be placed on the side of the pull out drawer fridge (left or right) or up to 1.5 m away on either end.

A continuously variable thermostat allows you to precisely control the temperature.

Convenient access via a simple-pull drawer that glides on roller bearings.

With a simple move, the device is opened and locked automatically with the safety locking mechanism.


Noisy fan and can be prone to rust if subjected to sea air for long periods, i.e. a boat installation.

Click here for more information, reviews and price.

**If you are looking for a fridge drawer freezer Dometic also make a 20L Drawer Fridge click here.

Kings Drawer Fridge Review

Kings Drawer Fridge review







  • 30L – holds 35 cans
  • 260H x 440W x 695D
  • Weighs 17.2 kg
  • Secop BD1.4F
  • !2v/24v
  • Temperature ranges -10C to +10C
  • 5-year warranty

The Adventure Kings 30L Drawer Fridge/Freezer’s sliding drawer design makes it the ideal snacks and drinks refrigerator. Its compact design is perfect if you are short on space or concerned about weight in your 4wd.

The fridge’s 12 threaded mounting spots allow for a smooth installation and flush installation into your caravan/camper trailer or 4WD.

It also pairs well with a conventional or upright 12V fridge. Using your large 12v fridge for your main food storage means you can use the Adventure Kings 30L Drawer Fridge for quick and easy access to your beer, wine and any other snacks.

The Kings 30L Drawer Fridge/Freezer has a control panel and digital thermostat making setting temperatures and adjusting settings easily. Plus keeping an eye on your fridge temperature on the LCD screen is easy.


Various error messages and componentry failures reported.

Click here for more information, reviews and price for the Kings Drawer Fridge.

Thunder Drawer Fridge Review

Thunder Drawer Fridge review




  • 24L – holds 30 cans
  • Weighs 19.9 kg
  • 12v/24v
  • Temperature ranges -5° C to +10° C
  • 325H x 485W x 540L 
  • 3-year warranty


The drawer fridge 12v is a fantastic option for those who want the convenience of a fridge without taking up too much space. With a drawer fridge 12v, you can utilise existing compartments found in camper trailers and vehicles with sliding drawer systems, as well as wagons, utes, and sleep cabs.

A fridge is a must-have item whether you’re on the road, camping, or just spending the day at the beach. Because power may not be readily available and space is limited, a refrigerator is an essential item wherever this may happen.

Thunder believes that enjoying the great outdoors shouldn’t break the bank, and this backpack is designed and produced for everyday Aussies.

Is space at a premium for your camper trailer, rig, caravan or boat? This sleek and compact drawer refrigerator is created to complement your draw slide arrangement.

The strong metal slide system and latches make it simple to obtain ice-cold drinks and food. The interior light makes finding your food or cool drinks quick and easy.

Thunders mini drawer fridge has five heavy-duty separators, so you can fill your fridge with food and keep your drinks upright and secure while they travel. The dividers are simple to put together and may be arranged in any formation.

The 23L Fridge includes Wi-Fi connectivity to monitor and regulate the temperature from your car or camp chair. The fridge’s turbo mode can be activated for rapid cooling just in time for 5 o clock sundowners!


High price for a smaller fridge.

Click here for more information, reviews and price for the Thunder Drawer Fridge.

Vitrifridgo Drawer Fridge Review

Vitrifrigo Drawer Fridge reviews




  • 80L capacity – holds 96 cans
  • 467H x 595W x 666D
  • Weighs 38kg
  • 12/24Vdc
  • -18°C to +43°C
  • 2-year warranty


Because the “all in one” feature of the DRW series allows you to have a 12v drawer fridge and freezer in one, the DRW70A is both a fridge and a freezer. The remote cooling unit provides ample internal area for all refrigeration requirements.

With a single fitting flange, the door is positioned inside and outside and the DRW series employs R290 natural refrigerant, which has a low Global Warming Potential.

Dual electronic control unit with power supply (optional) and for better interior viewing, a more brilliant LED light system is used.

The digital thermostat is waterproof and features a touchscreen display with vent-position controls.


On the upper end of the pricing scale.

Click here for more information, reviews and price for the Vitrifrigo drawer fridge.

Wrap Up

Choosing a drawer fridge, compared to other camping fridges is fairly easy as there isn’t a great deal of choice. There are 5 that would suit the back of your rig. We’ve hope you have found this guide to drawer fridges 12v useful for choosing the best drawer fridge 12v that suits your needs and lifestyle.

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