Fitting a diesel caravan heater might not be high up on your “must-have” list, however, it is worth considering alongside your other caravan accessories.

As most Big Lappers chase the sun, heading north in winter and south in summer are diesel heaters for caravans necessary? Experienced Lappers will tell you plans can and often do change. If your plans change and you find yourself experiencing chilly mornings and nights, then finding the best diesel heater for caravan in Australia is a must, especially if you feel the cold.

You’ll find diesel heaters for sale all over the internet, from online camping stores, eBay and retail camping stores. The prices will vary from cheap to 10x dearer, so which one do you buy?

To take the confusion out of choosing your caravan diesel heater we’ve compiled this ultimate guide for the best caravan heater. Including prices, types and reviews.

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Comparing the Best Diesel Caravan Heater

When researching for the best caravan heater we discovered there is a big difference in prices. You might be tempted to install a cheap caravan heater, however, can you be certain of the quality? 

We also uncovered (but not surprisingly) that there are cheap Chinese knockoff’s available in various online stores at cheap prices. Makes you think long and hard about after-sales service and warranties and that is without the number one factor – yours and your family’s safety.  

Other considerations when comparing the best diesel heater for caravan are heating capacity, how many outlets the heater has, dimensions and of course as with all caravan accessories, weight. We cover these points in the in-depth reviews below.

Best Diesel Heater For Caravans Comparison Chart

BrandImageWeightDimensionsHeating CapacityOutletCheck Price
Webasto Diesel Heater Double OutletWebasto Diesel Heater2.6 kg121 x 120 x 3170.9 – 2.0kwTwinClick Here
Webasto Diesel Heater Single OutletWebasto Single diesel heater2.6 kg121 x 120 x 3170.9 - 2.2kwSingleClick Here
Dometic Diesel Heater - Eberspacher Diesel Heater AS2 D2LEberspacher diesel heater AS22.7 kg122 x 115 x 3102.2kwSingleClick Here
Dometic Diesel Heater - Eberspacher Diesel Heater AM2 D4REberspacher Diesel HeaterAM2 D4R4.5 kg150 x 140 x 3764kwSingleClick Here
AutoTerm Diesel Heater - 2D12PU27 Diesel Air Heater Kit with Digital ControllerAutoterm Diesel Heater6.5 kg145 x 119 x 310Air flow 34-75 m3/hSingleClick Here
Truma Diesel Heater - D 6 Kit, Diesel Heater / Hot Water System with White CowlTruma Diesel Heater16.2 kg525 x 450 x 300Air flow max 287m³/h4 hot air outletsClick Here

Top 6 Diesel Caravan Heaters Australia [2022]

6 Top Diesel Caravan Heaters Australia
  1. Webasto Diesel Heater Twin Outlet
  2. Webasto Diesel Heater Single Outlet
  3. Dometic Diesel Heater – Eberspacher Diesel Heater AS2 D2L
  4. Dometic Diesel Heater – Eberspacher Diesel Heater AM2 D4R
  5. AutoTerm Diesel Heater – 2D12PU27 Diesel Air Heater Kit with Digital Controller
  6. Truma Diesel Heater – D 6 Kit, Diesel Heater / Hot Water System

Choosing The Best Diesel Caravan Heater Reviews [2022]

Choosing the Best Diesel Caravan Heater

Apart from the price and where the caravan diesel heaters are made here are a few other suggestions for your consideration when choosing your diesel van heater.

  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Heating Capacity
  • Outlets


Just like every other caravan accessory, weight plays a crucial factor when choosing a diesel air heater for your caravan. Fortunately, the best diesel caravan heaters for sale in Australia are lightweight. 

There are a couple of heaters in our comparison table above that are heavier and are best suited for large caravans, fifth wheelers, large campervans and RV buses. They have larger areas to heat and hence the larger heaters weigh heavier.


 The dimensions of diesel air heaters are around the size of a shoebox. Most are installed under the main bed of the caravan with the outlet facing the main floor space of the van. With most beds located at the front of a caravan, it’s a perfect spot for your heater as the diesel heater fuel tank can be mounted on the drawbar. The recommended distance for diesel heater tank location is about a metre from the heater.

A  diesel heater installation is best done in the initial build of your caravan. Then the wiring is neatly tucked away out of sight and switches and controllers are placed within an easy reach of exactly where you want them. Plus there is no mess to clean up and wasted time.

Heating Capacity

Another consideration is the heating capacity of the unit and the output of heat. Capacity also relates to the amount of time it takes to heat the area. After all, you want to feel warm and toasty as quickly as possible!


Simply put a 12v diesel heater with a single outlet is designed to heat a smaller area. Whereas a twin outlet diesel 12v heater is designed to heat a larger area and van, motorhome or bus.

Webasto Diesel Heater Review Twin Outlet | Webasto Diesel Heater Single Outlet Review

Webasto SingleWebasto diesel heaters for caravans are made in Germany. During normal operation, they draw as little as 1-2 amps after the initial start phase of 6-7 amps. The Webasto 12v diesel heater can be used when travelling too so when you park up your caravan is pre-warmed.

This 12v caravan heater is thermostatically controlled making them safe to use during the night as the programmable controller has a timer function.

Both of these Webasto caravan diesel heaters have the same specs and features they are;

  • Available in both 12v and 24v
  • Operates powerfully and quickly
  • Highly economical in power and fuel consumption
  • Uses 1L of diesel fuel every 5-6 hours
  • Warms the area and dehumidifiers too
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Compact design
  • 2-year warranty

Click here for more information and price for Webasto Diesel Heaters

The caravan heater fuel tank is supplied separately, click here to check fuel tank prices  

Dometic Diesel Heater Review – Eberspacher Diesel Heater Review – Airtronic Diesel Heater Review

Dometic diesel heaters, Eberspacher diesel heaters and Airtronic diesel heaters are the same heaters they are just known by different names. The German Eberspacher company makes the heaters and Dometic Australia distributes the diesel heaters. Airtronic is the branding given to the two models.

While they might look the same in images there are differences between the two models. The differences are heat flow (wattage), fuel and power consumption. The differences are outlined and highlighted below for each model.


Eberspacher diesel heater AS2

  • Available in both 12v and 24v
  • Low power and fuel consumption
  • Quiet for night-time operation
  • Improved acoustics for metering pump
  • Brushless motor – long service life – over 5,000 hrs
  • Heat flow (W) 850 – 2200W
  • Fuel consumption (l/h) 0.1 – 0.28
  • Power consumption (W) 6 – 31
  • 2-year warranty


Eberspacher Diesel HeaterAM2 D4R

  • Available in both 12v and 24v
  • Low power and fuel consumption
  • Quiet for night-time operation
  • Improved acoustics for metering pump
  • Brushless motor – long service life – over 5,000 hrs
  • Heat flow (W) 900 – 4000W
  • Fuel consumption (l/h) 0.11 – 0.51
  • Power consumption (W) 6 – 65
  • 2-year warranty

Click here for more information and price for the Dometic Diesel Heater

AutoTerm Diesel Heater Review

Autoterm Diesel HeaterAuto Term is an ISO certified factory located in Russia and is the 3rd largest manufacturer in the world of diesel heaters. They supply both the marine and automotive markets worldwide. Over 90% of componentry is Russian made with the remaining componentry of ducting and vents made in Germany.

Taking their testing of heaters seriously a computer performs a 1-hour test on every heater. Plus, at random a heater is selected and tested for 3000 hours so the company can ensure both safety and quality.

Following are the specs and features for the Autoterm diesel heater. 

  • Noiseless pump reduces output noise by 95%
  • Stepless fan speed – the computer chooses the fan speed in response to the temperature, maintaining room temperature more accurately and efficiently
  • Balanced fan preventing vibration and noise
  • Air intake silencer 
  • Brushless motor
  • 2-year warranty

Click here for more information and price for the AutoTerm Diesel Heater

Truma Diesel Heater Review – D6 Kit, Diesel Heater / Hot Water System

Truma Diesel HeaterThis Truma caravan heater is a powerful variant of a diesel heater as it provides heating and hot water in one and is a true diesel hot water heater. The D6 diesel water heater is ideally suited to larger caravans and motorhomes.

In a motorhome, it can act as a heater whilst your driving and in summer can be used purely to heat water.

Here are the features and specs of the Truma diesel water heater;

  • Low energy consumption
  • Powerful, yet quiet
  • Frost control drain valve
  • Space-saving and compact
  • Auto climate control with Truma air con
  • Digital control panel with variable temps
  • 2-year warranty

Click here for more information and price for the Truma Diesel Heater

Caravan Diesel Heaters Ebay

One of the reasons we personally wouldn’t buy a diesel caravan heater from an eBay seller is counterfeits. When we researched Planar diesel heater Australia for this Ultimate Guide we found a warning on Planars website about counterfeits sold on eBay and various other online stores.

When we investigated this on eBay we found the image of the so-called Planar diesel heater from the seller looked nothing like the image on Planar’s website and didn’t have the compulsory labelling required for warranty from Planar.

So if you are not purchasing the Canadian made Planar diesel heater what are you purchasing? A cheap Chinese knockoff that Planar suggests comes with no warranty and after-sales service. If you are looking to purchase a diesel heater eBay isn’t the best place to shop.

It’s the old saying “You get what you pay for” and when looking at a diesel heater for sale in the Aussie marketplace it certainly applies!

Other Caravan Heaters

portable Diesel Caravan Heater

Portable Diesel Heater For Caravan

If you don’t want to install a 12v diesel heater then a portable diesel heater might suit your needs.

You will however be limited to a cheap eBay diesel heater from China. Consider the warranty, after-sales service and most importantly safety if you are considering this type of mini diesel heater.

There is another alternative to a portable camping diesel heater, however, it is a similar price to the diesel fuel tank heater mentioned in the comparison chart above. Click here to check out the diesel heater eBay.

Through our research and where possible, it is best to install a caravan diesel heater for the safety aspect. However, we recognise everyone’s situations and camp setup are completely different. What will be suitable for one setup might not suit another.

Diesel Infrared Heater

An infrared diesel heater is found to be more energy-efficient than other types of space heaters. They are also considered by some to be a safer option too as the heating coils don’t get too hot.

With little circulation taking place of the produced heat, one of the downfalls of this type of heating is it can produce condensation on the walls.  Plus on the roof of your caravan which in turn can lead to bacteria and mould on the roof and walls.

Another downfall is the limited choice of brands and price, as they are not cheap!

Click here for more information and pricing for diesel infrared heaters.

Questions About Diesel Caravan Heaters

Diesel Caravan Heater questions

What Is The Best Diesel Heater For Caravan?

From our research, click here for the best diesel heater for a caravan. This is based upon the quality of the material and parts, safety, warranty, after-sales service, kit content, fuel efficiency, ease of operation and price.

Are Caravan Diesel Heaters Noisy?

Cheap diesel heaters and older diesel heaters are noisier than the modern diesel heaters such as the Webasto diesel heater caravan and Dometic Diesel Heaters for caravans. This is due to the upgraded brushless motors and sound suppression fuel pumps that dampen the cheap heaters’ annoying ticking noise.

This is where the extra dollars are worth spending on a quality diesel heater. Apart from the safety aspect of a cheaper heater, you don’t want to be “that” person in the caravan park who keeps neighbours (and yourselves) awake due to a cheap noisy caravan heater.

Are Caravan Diesel Heaters Safe?

Cheaper Chinese heaters are made from inferior parts and materials whereas the brand-name diesel heaters are far superior in parts, materials and safety features.

Using inferior parts and materials cheap heaters could leak the poisonous gas carbon monoxide into the living area of your caravan. In fact, there are several reports from caravan repairers where they have witnessed metal parts burning into air outlets. This is also a fire risk.

Brand names (e.g. Webasto), however, are very safety conscious and have the following features in their heaters

  • Over and under-voltage cut-offs
  • After 3 failed starter attempts trigger heater lockout
  • Temperature sensor for overheating
  • The fuel pump shuts off completely in the event of an error or fault code stopping the burner chamber from filling with fuel

How Does A Diesel Caravan Heater Work?

Diesel heaters work by drawing cold air through an external intake pipe which then passes over a hot metal cylindrical surface  A fan then pushes the hot air through a vent and into your caravan.

How to Operate a Diesel Heater Caravan?

We recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions provided.

How To Install a Diesel Heater In A Caravan?

If you are handy on the tools and have the time to install a diesel heater, it should be a fairly straightforward job.

With name-brand diesel heaters you will find comprehensive instructions in the box. Cheap Chinese heaters are notoriously lacking in providing very few instructions about caravan diesel heater installation. Another reason NOT to buy one!

We recommend installing one in the build of your caravan if buying new. If you own a pre-loved caravan then a caravan repairer or specialist could help you with installation.

What Size Diesel Heater For Caravan?

Anywhere from 2-5kw are the ideal size for a diesel caravan heater.

The diesel heaters in the comparison chart above cover heating all sizes of heaters for caravans, RV’s and diesel heater for campervan.

Wrap Up

We hope you have gained the answers to your questions about buying the best diesel heater for your caravan setup. Plus, helped you make a decision about choosing the diesel heater you will buy for your caravan.

Looking for other caravan accessories and products for caravanning and camping? Read our other complete guides for the best camping fridgebest vacuum sealer, best 12v upright fridge and caravanning essentials.

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