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Ultimate Guide for Caravanning Essentials for Travelling Australia [2022] | Lappers Australia

We cover the top caravanning essentials in this post that are available for inside your caravan and outside your caravan. Essentials whether you are caravanning around Australia or enjoying shorter caravanning holidays.

We focus on caravan accessories for caravanning and camping and the inclusive fixtures and fittings unless there are a variety of choices.

Once you know what you need for your setup you can compare prices for caravan accessories online easily which we will show you here. There are a ton of different caravanning essentials, however, the focus here is on the most popular and the most asked about essentials for caravanning.

Caravan supplies throughout 2020 and 2021 have been in short supply due to lockdowns and popularity in the past 12 months of families and couples enjoying caravanning Australia.

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Caravan Essentials

12v Caravan Accessories

12v Camping Essentials

12v Camping Accessories

Caravan Spare Wheel Cover

Caravan Wheel Covers

Caravan Gas Bottle Holder

Caravan Gas Bottle Holder

Caravan Gas Bottle Cover

Caravan Gas Bottle Covers

Caravan Wheel Lock

Caravan Wheel Lock

Caravan Light Cover

Caravan Light Cover

caravanning book

Caravanning Book

Caravan Steps

Caravan Steps

Caravan Hitch

Caravan Hitch

Caravanning Essentials – Caravan Covers

Caravan Covers protecting a caravan

Caravan Covers are one of the top accessories for caravans. When your caravan isn’t in use and it isn’t stored in a shed or garage you will need a caravan cover to protect the outside of the van. Caravans don’t have a protective coating on the outside as a car does so it’s important to protect your investment when it’s not in use.

There are coatings that protect or “guard” the outside, however, the jury is out on whether or not they actually do what they promise to do. Plus if your van is scratched or damaged by a stone chip the coating has to be reapplied.

A caravan cover is a cheaper alternative to exterior coating and will protect your van from the weather including the sun’s UV rays, together with protection from tree and fruit sap, animal droppings, dirt and external damage, such and scapes and scratches.

When choosing the cover for your caravan it’s important you have the correct measurements. Measurements should be based on the outside or external measurement of your van and not the internal measurement that your caravan manufacturer supplies.

Measurements shouldn’t include toolboxes, stone guards and rear bars either as the cover will not give the van the protection you seek.

When choosing the best caravan cover for your van we recommend you buy a cover that is 10cm larger than your van. This makes fitting and uncovering the van easier and isn’t too tight to do this with ease.

There are numerous brands of caravan covers for sale, to suit all brands of caravans such as Jayco caravan covers, Urban caravan covers, etc, here we address the best caravan covers to protect your van.

Adco Caravan Covers

Adco Caravan CoverAdco is an Australian brand of caravan covers and one of the most durable covers on the market.

Backed by an impressive 3-year warranty, Adco covers are considered a deluxe brand are 4 ply and water-resistant and has UV protection.

There are several sizes ranging fit caravans from 14-16′ right through to 24-26′.

Features include front and rear buckle cinching, air vents, zipper entry panels, polypropylene sides and reinforced elasticised corners to hold the cover in place.

Adco covers are also suitable for pop-top caravans, motorhomes and camper trailers.

Camec Caravan Covers

Camec Caravan CoverCamec is one of the best know caravan and camping brands in Australia. Their caravan covers are one of the leading brands and with good reason.

The covers are made of dual-material composite that is both water-resistant whilst allowing moisture to escape, therefore, protecting the van from mould and mildew.

The skirt is elasticised to ensure a snug fit and there are also convenient zippers placed so you can access your van easily.

13 covers range in size to fit vans from 10-12′ through to 24-26′ have a 3-year warranty and suit motorhomes, camper trailers and pop-top caravan covers.

Prestige Caravan Cover

Prestige Caravan CoverWith a triple layer of UV protected fabric, the top of the prestige cover is waterproof. The sides are constructed of polypropylene making them water-resistant.

Due to the breathability of the fabrics the water evaporates quickly, therefore guarding against mould and mildew.

The cover is easy to use and remove due to its lightweight, has an elasticised hem and double-stitched seams and reinforced corners.

Prestige covers sizing ranges from 14-16′ to 24-26′ with an increase of 2-foot increments.

Caravan Parts

Caravan spare parts are a “must” when travelling around Australia. Especially for those times when you are in the middle of nowhere and something breaks. 

Depending on who you talk to the list of caravan parts and accessories varies on the tools you have in currently have in your toolbox and caravan spares that are “musts” that you might need to purchase. Here’s a list of suggested caravan and cars spares you could consider.

  • Cordless tools
  • Spare batteries for cordless tools
  • 1000 mile an hour/gaffa tape – that fixes everything! 
  • Cable ties – for the same reason above
  • Various tap attachments
  • Liquid nails
  • Silicone
  • Hoses
  • Hose clamps
  • Ratchet straps
  • Various size screws, nuts and bolts
  • Hand tools – screwdrivers, etc
  • Spare set of keys
  • Glue
  • Torches
  • Axe, shovel and chain or electric saw
  • Air filters for car and air compressor
  • Spare fuel filter
  • Comprehensive roadside assistance

 What is in your kit for caravan spare parts? What have we missed and we’ll add it to the list. Let us know in the comments below. 

Caravan Steps

Caravan steps are of many caravan essentials

Apart from the pullout caravan steps that are attached to your caravan, you may also need an additional caravan step if your caravan sits high off the ground as most off-road caravans do.

Just like other caravan accessories and essentials, there are a variety of brands of single caravan steps and pullout caravan steps. Here we will feature the most popular steps.

Milenco Caravan Steps

Milenco Caravan StepsMilenco caravan steps include both aluminium and plastic and come in both single and double steps. Tthe steps have won various awards, are a great design and engineering qualities and are the most popular with caravanners.

The double Milenco plastic caravan steps are made in Australia from high-quality durable plastic. They have a large tread, are skid-resistant in wet or dry conditions and have 4 rubber feet with additional peg holes for more stability if required.

Another bonus of the double steps is they hold up to 200kgs and are made from recycled plastic.

The single Milenco caravan steps are lightweight, easy to pick up and store.

Other Brand Of Caravan Steps

Caravan StepsOther brands of caravan steps include

  • Fiamma
  • Camec
  • Dometic
  • Nuova

There are both single and double steps and some are motorised fold-down types if your van didn’t have them already attached.


Caravan Privacy Screen

Caravan privacy screen caravan awning

A caravan awning privacy screen is a must for those times when you are parked up in a busy caravan park. They still allow good airflow with the added benefit of providing privacy from your neighbours when you are sitting outside under your awning.

They also shield your sitting area under the awning from the weather and most will block UV rays and provide shade whilst allowing a breeze through.

Caravan privacy screens are available in a variety of widths, lengths and thicknesses for both the side of the awning and the front or back. 

A waterproof caravan privacy screen is a must for the offside of the caravan as it will allow you to have the windows open for ventilation and breezes.

Caravan Awning Accessories

caravan awning accessories

One awning accessory that might not come with your caravan is a centre awning support. Some manufacturers consider them an extra, however, experienced caravanners will tell you they are a ‘must’ for your caravan. Especially if you are travelling off-road on corrugated dirt roads. You can check out pricing and availability here.

Caravanning Essentials – Caravan Awning Lights

If you are looking to replace a light under your awning or want additional lighting there are a few different types available.

There is strip lighting in either black or white in various sizes and dome or rectangular lights too.

Some lights also have sensors making it easy to navigate when you go back to camp with no lighting already on to light the way.

Click here to check pricing and availability for caravan awning lights.

Caravan Awning Cover

If you don’t have the luxury of storing your caravan in a shed or having a caravan cover, you can use a simple UV vinyl cover strip to protect your awning.

If your awning is rolled up, stored away and exposed to contact sun it can deteriorate over time.

The best thing to do to protect them is to use an awning cover.

Click here to find current pricing and availability.

Caravan Towing Mirrors

best towing mirrors Australia

Clearview Towing Mirrors

Some of the best caravan towing mirrors you can have fitted to your tow vehicle are made by an Australia company Clearview Accessories.

Just in case you are brand new to the caravan, camping and 4wd scene, Clearview is best known for their true replacement mirrors. They replace your current side mirrors, are easy to fit if you want to DIY as they are purpose-built to fit the current holes in your 4wd.

Just like your original mirrors, the Clearview mirrors adjust electronically and no matter if you are towing a caravan, camper trailer or a horse-float they give you a clearer view down the side of your vehicle for safer driving.

The 2nd Gen mirror has recently been released and adjusts in 100mm increments to pull out so you can see down the side of your rig and beyond.

Milenco Towing Mirrors

Milenco towing mirrors are recognised as one of the leading brands of towing mirrors for sale as they have been around since the 1990s. This innovative company research and develops new mirrors for all 4wd and cars. Many drivers consider them the best towing mirrors on the market.

Aero towing mirrors entered the market in 2007 and have now developed into the Milenco Grand Aero 3 towing mirrors. In fact, as new models of 4wd’s and cars enter the market, Milenco tow mirrors are constantly updated, adapted or modified.

Made from high-quality materials of chrome safety glass, stainless steel clamping screws turning in brass inlets Milenco mirrors will last for years.

Caravan Hitch

Caravan Hitch

Just like other caravan accessories, there are many different caravan hitch types and brands.

A caravan hitch is a mechanism that connects your caravan with a coupling to your tow vehicle. Your vehicle is the receiver (tow bar) and has an opening that allows a tongue that slides into it, with either the old school technology of a ball or the new technology of a pin.

One of the latest and best-known caravan hitches is an Alko hitch and the Alko hitch cover.

The coupling is attached to the caravan. One of the best and latest couplings in Australia is made by Cruisemaster. The DO35 V3 Plus drop on coupling will take you off-road with no problems due to its flexibility and articulation both vertically and horizontally. Click here for the latest pricing for Cruisemaster.

Most caravan owners are concerned with the security of their caravans. There are many solutions to securing your caravan and let’s face it if a seasoned thief wants to steal your caravan they will no matter how much you spend on security.

Something simple like the Milenco hitch lock is the minimum of caravan security for consideration for peace of mind when you are out and about exploring. Especially if you are free-camping.

Caravan Floor Mat

annex floor mat

A caravan awning mat is a must to keep dirt and dust to the minimum in your caravan.

Most modern designs will have recycled materials and a variety of different designs and sizes to meet your needs.

The best designs allow the dirt, sand and water to pass through to the ground underneath whilst keeping the mat clean and dry. This helps with an easy pack up and storage no matter what the weather conditions.

Caravan Power Lead

caravan power lead

You will need a caravan power cord to connect your van to power from your home before you leave and in caravan parks. You will need a heavy-duty 15A (15 Amp) extension cord and not the usual 10A extension cord you use in your home.

This is because your normal power cords are only rated to draw a certain amount of current through them. By using a 10A rated cord it will be working twice as hard and could cause a house fire. It has happened in the past!

Plus, you will be running all types of appliances and accessories all requiring different types of charging. So it’s a safety issue and for peace of mind, it’s worth the small outlay to protect your investments in both your home and caravan. They are readily available on eBay here.

Caravanning Essentials – Caravan Power Adaptor

15amp to 10amp adaptor for caravansMany caravanners also use a 15amp to 10amp adaptor for caravans. This legally protects and allows you to connect to your homes mains power without getting a special 15A power point fitted by a licenced electrician.

There are a few different adaptors, however, the most popular caravan 15amp to 10amp adaptor is the Ampfibian. The beauty of this model of adaptor is that it is also;

  • Waterproof
  • Has a padlock point
  • Has a Mini Circuit Breaker – protects the powerpoint and cords from overheating
  • Has a Residual Current Detector – protects from electrocution

Generally, eBay has the best pricing for the Ampfibian adaptor. Click here for pricing details. 

No doubt there are a ton more caravan gadgets for caravanning around Australia. From what I see from friends and in Facebook groups most people could set up their own caravan accessory shop with the number of accessories for caravanning in their vans!

What would you add to this caravanning essentials list, what are your favourites? Let us know in the comments below your ‘must have’ caravanning essentials.

Looking for other caravan accessories and products for caravanning and camping? Read our other complete guides for the best camping fridge, best 12v upright fridge best 4wd awning, best diesel caravan heater best solar blanket and best vacuum sealer Australia.

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