Are you one of the many caravan owners who need caravan storage ideas for your caravan? If so, read on for some helpful hacks and tips!

Caravan storage ideas can be a real dilemma. In this article, we’ll take a look at some ingenious caravan storage hacks that will help you keep your caravan organised and looking great.

Caravan ownership has soared in the past few years as people have become more and more interested in touring and exploring Australia. However, one of the main challenges that caravan owners face is finding adequate caravan storage solutions for all their belongings. This can be especially difficult and challenging if you’re travelling full time.

That’s why it’s important to have some good caravan storage ideas for caravans up your sleeve. This article will provide different ideas that will help you get organised and make the most of your limited space. So read on, and start putting these ideas into practice!

These caravan ideas for storage will help you as you pack up or prepare for a trip and will cover the following topics:

  1. Why caravan storage ideas are important
  2. How to organise your caravan
  3. Caravan storage ideas

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Why Caravan Storage Ideas Are Important

Caravan interior ideas for storage are important because they can help you to organise your caravan and make the most of the space that you have.

They can also help you to keep your caravan looking great and avoid clutter. Clutter can detract from the appearance of your caravan and make it difficult to find what you need. That’s why it’s important to have some good storage ideas for caravans.

How To Organise Your Caravan

If you want to organise your caravan, you need to think about what you need and what will fit. Plus where you will store them.

You might also want to have some storage containers on wheels so that you can roll them from one place to another as needed. These are useful for those things that you don’t use very often but occasionally need and pack in places such as the tunnel boot.

Caravan Storage Ideas

Here are different ideas for caravan space saving ideas, these ideas will help you to keep your caravan organised and looking great.

Ikea caravan storage

Fusion Loc Caravan Storage Ideas and Solutions

Fusion Loc caravan storage ideas

If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom and kitchen areas in your caravan, look no further than the popular caravan storage ideas from Fusion-Loc.

Their range of stylish chrome and matte black accessories are the perfect way to update your caravan storage solutions without breaking the bank. Plus, their products are made from high-quality materials, so you can be sure they’ll last for years.

That is why the Fusion-Loc variety of suction products are so convenient since they do not require any drilling and may be removed or relocated without difficulty, with no messy clean up or holes to fill.

Fusion-Loc suction products are ideal for your caravan bathroom and kitchen areas or simply to add a splash of colour or functionality throughout your van.

The contemporary square suction cups boast a German-developed, Patented “Vacuum Fusion” Technology, which is the greatest suction technology available in caravan storage ideas.

Towel rails, soap holders, hooks and tumblers are all part of the range. Plus the shelves and shower caddies below.

Fusion Loc Shower Caddies

Fusion Loc shower caddyThe Fusion Loc shower caddy comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

They are easy and quick to install DIY and add a stylish and modern look to your shower area.

Chose the style or styles that suit your needs to keep your shampoo, conditioners and body washes organised 

Fusion Loc Self

Fusion Loc shelf for caravansThe range of Fusion Loc shelves will easily keep your caravan organised.

Place the various sizes in your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom areas to keep things together and organised.

Caravan Cupboard Storage Ideas

You can create extra storage space by adding shelves to the cupboards of your caravan.

Look for shelving ideas for your caravan that allow you to use the space above and below the shelf. For example, try a wine rack or other simple shelving that can store glasses and mugs.

Put pegs on stick-on-hooks on the inside of a kitchen cupboard door so you can hang tea towels. You’ll also have them to hand in when needed.

Use Baskets And Caravan Storage Boxes For Easy Access Storage

caravan storage accessoriesBasket and boxes are great for those items that you want to keep close at hand but don’t need daily. For example, if you have a basket of washing powder and cleaning materials, it will be easy to get these when doing the weekly clean.

Or if you have a basket of books, this will help you to keep them together so that they are easy to find when you want them.

Use clear storage containers for items that need to be kept separate or easily accessible. Clear storage containers are popular because they provide instant access and are easy to move around. They are also great because you can see what’s inside them, so there’s no need to pull everything out before you find what you want.

For those things that don’t need frequent access, you can use lidded boxes. For example, you could put things like spare linen and towels in a box with a lid. Or if there are items that aren’t used often or an old piece of camping equipment, then you can store these in a lidded box.

Use under-bed storage for things you don’t need all the time. This provides a lot of extra space, so you can store items like spare sheets, blankets, doonas and towels in there. They’re also great for storing items that you don’t need very often, like inflatable toys, pool noodles, snorkelling gear, etc.

Use small storage containers on wheels for items that need to be kept together and easily accessible:

If you have a lot of tools or equipment for camping, you will find that these are great to keep together in one place. You can get storage containers on wheels in all different sizes, so you’ll be able to find something for your particular needs.

Keep your caravan looking tidy by storing items in labelled containers:

This is a really important part of caravan storage because it helps you to know where everything is when you need it. It also means that you can put items back in the right place after use so that your van doesn’t get cluttered up again.

Label containers with what’s inside them,(e.g. “linen” or”cleaning”). This will also help you to remember what’s inside them. It’s also great for hubbies and kids so it keeps things organised and they won’t put things back in the wrong place.

Use soft furnishings to create extra storage space in your caravan:

For example, you could use cushion covers to store blankets, pillows, or other soft items.

Stackable crates or baskets are great for storing items that need to be kept together.

caravan cupboard storage solutionsYou could use a crate for firewood, odd-shaped tools, ropes and hoses. Stackable baskets are handy in kitchen cupboards for packets and bottles.

Or for inside your wardrobe could use soft sided baskets for your undies, bras, togs, socks or jocks.

Keep frequently used items on the top shelves of your cupboards for easy access, especially if they are lightweight. You could store items like melamine dinner sets, Corelle dinner sets, paper plates or cups in containers.

Use zip-lock bags to store small items and keep them organised in a basket or see-through container.

If you’re travelling with children, use a toy box or crate to store their toys and keep them tidy at the bottom of their bunks

Caravan Kitchen Storage Ideas

Ideas for caravans

Caravan kitchen storage ideas are essential if you want your caravan to look great and be functional. Try the following tips for keeping the kitchen area neat and tidy.


  • Put your tools in a toolbox or use small containers such as fishing tackle containers to hold bits like nails, screws and other items that you might find handy to have on hand in your van.
  • Use baskets for holding food items like packets of biscuits, cereal bars, pasta, flour, etc. This will keep these things organised and accessible.
  • Add hooks under the sink so you can hang items like dishwashing brushes, scrubbers etc. This will free up space in the sink.
  • If you want to free up more space in your caravan’s kitchen and are watching your budget, look for storage ideas that use vertical space. For example, look for shelving units that fit into the corner of your caravan and use the vertical space between them.
  • Get a storage rack so you can hang things like cups and mugs. This is great for freeing up cupboard space and will also help to keep things off the benchtops.

Caravan Kitchen Storage Accessories

pot separatorsAdd pot separators in the caravan to stop pans pots and pans rattling around. These usually come in a variety of sizes.

Use a magnetic strip to hold knives and other utensils. This will free up space in the kitchen drawers for other items.

magnetic knife strip

Caravan Pantry Storage Ideas

  1. Use shelf dividers in your caravan’s pantry to keep things organised and tidy. For example, use one divider for cans and one for smaller jars like jam or peanut butter.
  2. Use Sistema food containers, such as the square plastic containers with lids for flour, sugar, etc. The Sistema containers stack neatly and save space. I use the 1-litre size for my flours.
  3. Useful storage ideas for your caravan kitchen include using a roll-out pantry to keep bottles of vinegar, oils and other bottles off the benchtops.

Caravan Food Storage Ideas

Sistema Containers

Sistema pantry storage ideasClear Ultra Sistema pantry containers make excellent caravan storage containers. Use Sistema containers that fit into each other to maximise your caravan storage space, for storing things like flour, sugar, pasta and other similar pantry items. They are lightweight, see-through with excellent seals. This will help to keep these things fresh and your pantry organised.

Use small Sistema containers with lids for things like tea bags, coffee and sugar. This will keep your kitchen looking neat and tidy when you open up the cupboards. Or, alternatively, you can use the ever-popular Fusion Loc shelf that adheres to your kitchen splashback. Then store your Sistema containers there for easy access.

Often you can buy them for half price at Woolworths and Big W. The best buy I bought the Sistema Ultras was from Amazon.

Caravan Plate Storage Ideas

caravan plate storage ideas


1. Some useful plate storage ideas include using magazine holders, pegboard wall organisers and plate stand. The magazine holders will fit nicely into your caravan kitchen cupboards and the plates can be stacked neatly inside them. You can use multiple magazine holders for different size plates and bowls too.

2. The kitchen pegboard wall organisers are great for freeing up some space on the caravan benchtop and they’ll also keep your plates, pans and other items organised. Plate stands can be added to a cupboard or a shelf near the stove for quick access when cooking at the stove.

Caravan Cutlery Storage Ideas

caravan cutlery storage ideasAnother great way to free up some space is with a cutlery organizer that fits into a drawer. You can also get one of these for the bathroom and keep things like shavers,  toothbrushes and other items in it.

  1. The most popular type of cutlery organizer is a holder with multiple compartments that fit into your caravan or motorhome kitchen drawer. You can use this to separate out your forks from your spoons from your knives etc. This will give you easy access to your cutlery.
  2. Anti-slip matting can be bought in rolls here, or of the roll by the meter at Bunnings.
  3. Joseph Joseph flatware dividers will help prevent cutlery from tangling up together and sliding around in your caravan cutlery drawer. They also make one of your knives and kitchen knives.

Caravan Tea Towel Storage Ideas

  1. Another great way of freeing up some space in your caravan’s kitchen is with a tea towel holder. This usually sits on the edge of your benchtop or countertop and holds rolled-up tea towels. It can be free-standing or wall-mounted, depending on your preference.
  2. Or you can use hooks either inside a cupboard or at the end of the bench area. The Fusion Loc hooks are excellent for this.

Caravan Bathroom Storage Ideas

Tooletries caravan bathroom storage ideas

Vanity storage ideas for caravan bathrooms is another way to free up some space in the cupboards. There are lots of different types of vanity organizers that you can buy that use your bathroom’s footprint efficiently.

For example, there are storage racks that have adjustable dividers so they can be used for facial tissue boxes or toilet paper rolls. Then they can be tucked into that corner beside the shower or beside the vanity.

The other type is a smaller box with dividers, which you could put on an under bench shelf. This will keep your shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles neatly organized and it’s easy to slide out when you need something.

A great tip for your wet bath mat is a tension rod in the shower to hang your wet bath mat, underwear or clothes that you prefer to dry inside. Tension rods are also handy in pantry cupboards and fridges to help stop items from falling forward when you open the door.

Tooletries Bathroom Organisers

Keep your bathroom organised with eco-friendly, removable and reusable, high-quality silicone grooming and storage products. This great range of Aussie designed and made tools will keep you clean and organised.

Here’s a list of Tooletry tools for your bathroom and shower organisation and storage;

Caravan Wardrobe Storage Ideas

Caravan inside ideas

Wardrobe Storage Ideas are great for caravan owners because you can fit more in your wardrobe when things are organised. It also means that you could be tempted to take more than you really need.

I find it a bit of a challenge being organised in the wardrobe department and have been known to be a chronic over-packer. Even if you are travelling full-time you probably only need enough clothes for a week. Two at the most if you think in terms of summer and winter clothes.

When your wardrobe is organised you will also know exactly where everything is when you need it. So it’s worth the effort to use the following ideas.

Use hangers with clips to store fragile items, like handbags or sunglasses

This is a great way to make the most of your wardrobe space because you can also use the clips to hold other things, such as scarves or belts.

Another suggestion is to use hanging shoe racks in your wardrobes for storing shoes, underwear or togs etc.

Caravan Clothes Storage Ideas

internal storage ideas for caravansDo you need hanging space for pants and shirts? If not it might be beneficial to install shelves in your wardrobe and then fold or roll your clothes.

Keep them separated and items such as underwear in soft-sided baskets like these.

Change your bulky clothes hangers to slim velvet-covered hangers. Not only does the item of clothing stay put on the hanger, but the hanger also takes up less space too.

Caravan Shoe Storage Ideas

Caravan owners especially need storage space for shoes because there is nowhere to put them in most cases.

You can use baskets, containers or shoe racks to store shoes in your wardrobe or in any unused cupboards.

Some find bicycle baskets handy. Slipping the “hooks” over the frame of the bed. They’ll sit easily at the end of the bed in some vans, room permitting.

Another idea is to attach a small box underneath your caravan near the stairs. You’d need good clearance for this tho and you could only store shoes that are weatherproof. It would be ideal shoe storage for thongs and water shoes, etc.

Caravan Storage Bags

caravan storage bag ideas

Caravan Storage bags are designed to fit neatly inside your caravan or motorhome and Navigator has some great storage ideas for camping and caravanning.

Caravan storage space can be small and caravan storage bags are an ideal size to store under your bed, in overhead cupboards or the tunnel boot.

Caravan Storage Pockets

There’s no better way of storing all those smaller items such as remote controls, Kindles, iPads, etc than using caravan storage pockets. The pockets keep everything together and tidy.

Vacuum Storage Bags

clever caravan storage ideasIf you are looking for a new caravan storage solution, consider vacuum packed bags that enable you to store bulky items in less space. They save you money and keep your caravan organized, neat and tidy too!

Winter clothes, pillows, doonas and sleeping bags extra linen store easily using a vacuum bag. They can then be stored in your cupboard or under the bed.

Storing oversize clothing like winter coats is a problem when camping and caravanning so keeping them neatly stored in a vacuum storage bag is an ideal caravan storage tip.

Caravan Storage Boxes

Kmart caravan storage

Caravan storage boxes are a great place to store stuff that doesn’t have an obvious home. Such as electrical cords, extension leads, spare light globes, clips and fuses can all be stored in your caravan storage box for easy access.

Also use the rear car space or canopy to store other items such as chairs, umbrellas etc. This is especially useful when staying in caravan parks or camping at the beach, and saves you from cluttering up your living area and tripping over these items.

eBay Caravan Storage Boxes

eBay is a great place to shop for caravan storage boxes and add on gadgets such as these

The large square rear car space can store all sorts of outside things such as your BBQ, chairs, umbrella, fishing rods or even kids toys.

You can then stack items together in the box with easy access. And it can be opened from inside or outside. Take your time to find the right size storage box for all your needs, and also one that is easy to open too without struggling to lift heavy objects.

Caravan Tunnel Boot Storage Ideas

caravan tunnel boot storage ideas

One of the biggest problems with Caravan Owners is keeping your caravan boot tidy and organised and coming up with caravan front boot storage ideas.

You can use caravan storage boxes, stackable crates or baskets to store tools, jockey wheels and gas bottles in your caravan boot. They are great for keeping things organised in the back of your rig too.

It’s a good idea to always remember whatever you store in the front boot or tunnel boot will have a direct impact on your ball weight.

Caravan Tunnel Boot Storage Tips

There are several things you can do to make the most of your caravan boot space and maximise your storage possibilities. The following will give you some great

· Organise your stuff into piles for easy access.

· Keep frequently used items handy and stored in easy to reach places.

Keep a small toolbox or tool bag in the boot space so you have access to all those essential tools such as hand drills, screwdrivers and pliers.

Caravan tunnel boot storage ideas are important because the caravan tunnel boot is usually quite small and you need to maximise your storage space as much as possible.

You could add drawers or removable containers for those frequently used items. Or a popular choice to have a slide-out shelf installed and store a portable BBQ in the tunnel boot. Popular choices for BBQs for the tunnel boot are Ziggy by Ziegler and Brown and Baby Q Webber BBQ.

Caravan Hose Storage Ideas

caravan hose storage ideas

Separate caravan Hose Storage Ideas are important because caravan water systems have both fresh and waste run-off or sullage hoses.

It’s essential to keep your caravan hoses out of the sun when you’re not using them. It will prolong their life if they are not exposed to direct sunlight or temperature extremes.

caravan organisation ideasYou can store them in caravan hose bags in your tunnel boot space and or use a crate or boot liner to store them in when travelling.

One of the best caravan hose storage ideas is to use a PVC garden hose reel and it’s perfect for storing your freshwater hose.

Alternatively, you can use these handy hose holders that keep hoses neat and tidy and easy to pack and store.

Caravan Storage Hose and Sullage Bags

Keep everything neatly stored away in your caravan storage bags – you’ll be surprised how much better organised your van will look and feel.

Caravan hose and sullage bags help to keep your oversize hoses neatly bundled up. This saves time when setting up or packing away your caravan.

The best way to store hoses is by using a PVC garden hose reel. These turn hoses into neat coils which are easily stored in the front boot or caravan storage box of your van during travelling.

Caravan Pole Storage Ideas

caravan pole storage

Caravan Pole Storage Ideas are important because you usually have more than one pole and if not, then you will need to carry spare poles anyway. Most caravanners would carry at least two, one for each end of their caravan awning.

Fitting a caravan PVC storage tubes as a pole carrier onto the back bumper bar of your van is a good choice. They come in two sizes large and small. Mounting brackets are also included.

Caravan Wheel Covers and Storage Bags

caravan wheel cover and bin storage

Caravan wheel covers are an ideal way of protecting your caravan wheels from all the dirt and grime that is usually kicked up from the road. Spare wheel covers are available in various sizes depending upon your current tyre size.

Wheel covers can also have a built-in storage bag too. Or wheel storage bags can also come separate with an easy clip-on or tie on to keep your rubbish or items together in one place. They are great when in National parks, off-grid or free camping to contain your rubbish when there are no on-site bins available.

Caravan Suitcase Storage Ideas

touring caravan storage ideas

If you need a suitcase or two when you are travelling under the bed is ideal storage space. You may want to fly back home to visit your kids or Grandkids for Birthdays, Christmas or Easter. Having a suitcase onboard is handy rather than having to purchase one every time you fly.

Another reason to carry a suitcase could be that you want to put your car and van into storage and fly overseas.

A suitcase storage solution is another great way of organising your caravan wardrobe. This will free up space in your day-to-day wardrobe and keep things neat and tidy. Especially good for storing seasonal clothes, ski gear and snorkelling gear.

Alternatively, there are also over the door hangers that will hang your clothes on for you. They’re similar to a coat hook, except that they can hold multiple items of clothing instead of just one.

Caravan Storage Ideas and Caravan Weight Implications

Bent chassis

This is an important factor to consider when thinking about what you put inside your caravan. Many people are unaware of how much their caravans weigh (Tare weight) before they start loading them up.

Most caravans are designed to carry a certain amount of weight according to the design and inclusions. If you put too much weight in your caravan, it affects the way that it handles and will add to the ATM – Aggregate Trailer Mass or overall weight.

Handling also depends on how a caravan is packed. It is always best to store heavier items on the ground level of the caravan and as close to the axels as possible.

It is also a fine line between where your items are stored as depending on where the items are placed this can also affect the Ball Weight.

Carrying too much weight in your caravan can also affect the way that it handles, which can be very dangerous. Also, your rig will use more fuel.

If you don’t know how much weight your caravan can hold safely, contact your caravan dealer or check the compliance plate for the tare weight. They will be able to help you find out how much weight your van can carry.

Once loaded up we highly recommend you book your rig and caravan in for professional weighing. A trained professional can also advise how to distribute your items for better weight distribution, fuel consumption and handling.

Click here to read this post where we go into detail about caravan weights.

Wrap Up

You can use all of these caravan storage ideas and more to help organise your van and free up space for whatever you need to store. Many of them will also make life a lot easier as well, giving easy access to items you need.

By using these caravan storage solutions, things like towels, clothes and cutlery will be readily at hand when you need them. This saves you time and it will make your van feel like home as well, which is important if you’re going to live in it full-time.

These storage ideas work well for campervan living as well as they do caravans. 

Caravan storage ideas are great no matter what you’re storing. Whether you want to organise your living space or just have easy access to outdoor equipment, these tips will help you achieve that.

When it comes to organising your storage, try putting heavy items near or over the axels. This will help with fuel consumption and handling. However, it’s also important to not overload your van with heavy items, which can affect the tare weight and ATM.

This is why you should weigh your caravan before adding anything to it. When you know this information, you can easily work out how much weight you can carry without overloading your car or caravan. If you don’t know how much weight your caravan or car can hold safely, contact your dealer or check the compliance plate on the vehicle. A trained professional can also help.

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best caravan storage ideas
best caravan storage hacks and tips

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