Whether you use a vacuum sealer in your home kitchen or your camping and caravan kitchen, finding the best vacuum sealer Australia can be quite confusing.

If you’ve researched other kitchen appliances online then you’ll already know how many brands, prices and features you have to wade through before you reach your decision.

To take the confusion and burden away we’ve done the heavy lifting for you plus in-depth research to help you decide the best vacuum sealer for you and your needs in your home kitchen or camping and caravanning kitchen.

Using a vacuum sealer, food keeps fresher in your fridge and last longer. You will also need vacuum sealer bags for food, however, your initial food vacuum sealer bags will come with most vacuum sealer machines.

The beauty of choosing the best vacuum sealer is you can use it both at home and on the road!

To save even more time and confusion click here for our NUMBER ONE TOP PICK of vacuum sealers.

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Best Vacuum Sealer Australia

Brand CM SizeWeight *RatingCHECK PRICE
Sunbeam FoodsaverFoodSaver vs900047x17x20cms2.6kg4*CHECK PRICE
Dometic Vacuum SealerDometic Vacuum Sealer38x33x15.2cms1.3kg5*CHECK PRICE
Russell Hobbs Vacuum SealerRussell Hobbs Vacuum Sealer15x37x7cms2.32kg4.5*CHECK PRICE
Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer Isvs130gLuvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer40x19x9cms4kg including bag rolls5*CHECK PRICE
Luvele Deluxe Pro Vacuum SealerLuvele Deluxe Pro Vacuum Sealer44x12x24cms3kg4.9*CHECK PRICE
Geryon Vacuum SealerGeryon Vacuum Sealer43x20.2x10cms1.6kg4.4*CHECK PRICE
Orved Vacuum SealerOrved Vacuum Sealer36x36x26.5cms3.5kg4.5*CHECK PRICE
Sunbeam Vacuum SealerFoodsaver VS7800Various2.6-3.8kg4-4.5*CHECK PRICE
Sunbeam Vacuum Sealer VS7800Foodsaver VS780047x18x13.5cms3.8kg4.7*CHECK PRICE
Beleeb Automatic Food Vacuum SealerBeleeb Vacuum Sealer40x15x8cms2kg4*CHECK PRICE

Top 10 Best Vacuum Food Sealer Australia 2021

For a quick reference here is a list of the top 10 best vacuum sealer Australia in 2021

  • Sunbeam Foodsaver Urban Series
  • Dometic Vacuum Sealer
  • Russell Hobbs Vacuum Sealer
  • Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer
  • Luvele Deluxe Pro Vacuum Sealer
  • Greyon Vacuum Sealer
  • Orved Vacuum Sealer
  • Sunbeam Foodsaver Vacuum Sealers
  • Sunbeam Vacuum Sealer VS7800
  • Beleeb Food Vacuum Sealer

How Does A Vacuum Sealer Work and What Does It Do?

A vacuum sealer is a kitchen appliance that preserves food for a longer time by preventing the growth of bacteria and mould. The bags are stored in the cold section of your refrigerator or freezer, helping your food last longer, often for months and years depending on the food.

This is a great benefit if you are travelling and camping remotely with no access to food stores.

Vacuum sealer machines work by sealing food in a BPA free plastic bag, by removing the air or oxygen from the bag, sealing it closed via a heat strip. This protects the food from freezer burn when freezing meat or vegetables in the freezer. Sealing also stops food from dehydrating.


Uses for vacuum sealer 

  • Prolonging the life of fresh food
  • Waterproof protection
  • Keeping items separated
  • Sealing open packets
  • Keeping open ingredients fresh
  • Sous vide cooking
  • Protect documents
  • Great for bait
  • Storing household items
  • Jigsaw puzzle pieces
  • Garden seeds
  • Leftover wine (whatever that is!)
  • Leftover flat-pack parts (not that you should have any!)

How Long Does Food Last Using a Vacuum Sealer?

This is a common question so we’ve compiled a chart below for easy reference.

Meat (frozen)6 months2-3 years
Mince (frozen)4 months1 year
Chicken (frozen)2 weeks9-12 months
Fish (frozen6 months2 years
Dry Pantry Goods1 month2 years
Vegetables (frozen)8 months2-3 years
Cheese (fridge)2 weeks8 months
Berries (frozen)1 month1 year

How To Choose The Best Vacuum Sealer Australia

There are a few points for consideration when you are shopping for the best vacuum sealer Australia. They include

  • Weight
  • Size
  • Type
  • Brand and considerations


The forethought in most caravan and campers mind when they purchase anything for their trip is, “how much does it weigh?”

Vacuum Sealers are no different when considering their weight, with the weight of each machine varying from brand to brand.

Naturally, you want to buy the best vacuum sealer that suits your needs and weight requirements.


Again if you are caravanning and camping the size of the sealer will matter. The smaller the better as size is just as important as the weight of an item when it comes to travelling in a caravan.

Fortunately, most vacuum sealers take up very little space and still maintain their efficiency.


There are two main types of vacuum sealers chamber and external (out-of-chamber).

Chamber sealers are usually called cryovac machines and used commercially in Deli’s, butchers and food stores. They seal the food inside a chamber by extracting the oxygen and heat sealing the bag. This type is excellent for sealing liquids.

External vacuum sealers or out of chamber machines seal externally. They have a better price point than a chamber sealer and are generally lightweight and more portable. They are excellent for caravanning, camping, 4wding, boating and home use.

Brand and Considerations

As previously mentioned there is an abundance of vacuum sealer brands in the market place. Which one do you choose?

Features for consideration include;

  • Versatility – does the brand offer a variety of options to seal rolls or bags?
  • Accessories – out of the box what accessories are included?
  • Lifestyle – does it suit your lifestyle? Are you caravanning, camping, 4wding or boating and need a 12v adaptor? It would be terrible if the fish were biting and you are hauling them in and no vacuum sealer to freeze your catch for a later date.
  •  Availability – of parts and customer service should you need them.

Best Vacuum Sealer Reviews Australia 2021

best vacuum food sealer reviews

Sunbeam Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer Review

At the time of writing, there are several different models in the Foodsaver Urban Series. Models vary in size, uses, features and price.

We feature the Top 6 Sunbeam FoodSavers below;

FoodSaver VS9000 Review

vs9000This model is called a GameChanger and we can see why.

A quiet vacuum sealer designed for heavy-duty use and can continuously seal 50 bags.

It comes with a standard plug and also a 12volt adaptor for caravanning, camping, 4wding and boating.

Featuring XL buttons and a carry handle we can see why it is considered a GameChanger.

Click Here to check the price for FoodSaver VS9000

FoodSaver VS7850 Review50050210 523643

This FoodSaver features a controlled seal and is considered a commercial-grade machine with a stainless steel case.

It has on-board roll storage, in-lid cutter, speedy marinate program, moist food setting, one-touch lock and operation.

Featuring an in-built accessory hose for use with vacuum containers and zip lock bags.

Click Here to check the price for FoodSaver VS7850

FoodSaver VS3198 Review

FoodSaver s3198This premium FoodSaver model has 5 food settings including a setting for sous vide.

Other settings include a pulse setting and a setting for a vacuum sealer marinator.

It also combines the poser of a heat setting together with a handheld vacuum sealer for zip lock bags and vacuum containers.

Click Here to check the price for FoodSaver VS3198


FoodSaver VS6100 Review

This is quick and easy to use two in one machine has an on-board storage roll section and cutter. FoodSaver vs6100

The machine vacuum seals foods using handy containers, together with the traditional rolls.

It is also considered a commercial grade vacuum sealer.

Click Here to check the price for FoodSaver VS6100

Foodsaver VS1500 Review

FoodSaver vs1500This basic model is excellent for newbie users of food vacuum machines.

It has a push lid for sealing and includes a vacuum hose for zip lock bags and containers.

Great on space this machines stores vertically.

Click Here to check the price for Foodsaver VS1500

FoodSaver VS4500 ReviewFoodSaver vs4500

This machine is easy to use with a one-touch seal or vacuum seal button control and a one-touch locking leaver.

Although a basic model it still includes a vacuum hose for zip lock bags and containers.

Click Here to check the price for FoodSaver VS4500

Dometic Vacuum Sealer Review

If you clicked on the link at the start of this buying guide you will already know that the Dometic vacuum sealer is our Top Pick!

We choose this particular sealer as our Top Pick as it ticked all these boxes;

Dometic Vacuum Sealer

  • 240v and 12v
  • Removable silicone tray
  • 2 continuous roll sizes – 5×8″ and 5×11″
  • Bag cutter
  • Lightweight – only 1.3kgs
  • One-touch operation
  • Seals moist or dry food
  • Auto and manual sealing options
  • Opens automatically once sealing is complete

Russell Hobbs Vacuum Sealer Review

Russell Hobbs Vacuum SealerThis mid-range sealer is a handy kitchen appliance with features such as

  • Auto and pulsed vacuum and seal function
  • Touchpad control
  • Turbo switch
  • Food type selection

Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer Review

This vacuum sealer has the following features;Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer

  • Vacuum pressure control settings
  • Bag storage and cutter system
  • 20 metres of bag roll included

Luvele Deluxe Pro Vacuum Sealer Review

Luvele Deluxe Pro Vacuum SealerThis model is the top-of-the-range Luvele vacuum sealer. Features include;

  • Unique smart seal technology allows for 100 continuous bag seals
  • Easy lock handle
  • Commercial quality vacuum
  • Duel seal strip
  • Preset and manual vacuum controls
  • Upright storage to save space

Geryon Vacuum Sealer Review

Geryon Vacuum SealerThe Geryon is a budget vacuum sealer. Features include;

  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Two sealing settings
  • Auto sealing
  • Doesn’t come with an Aussie plug but does have an adaptor

Orved Vacuum Sealer Review

Orved Vacuum SealerOrved vacuum sealer machines are made in Italy. We have selected the VME001 out-of-chamber to review as it is the closest machine in the range that resembles a home-use machine. They have the following features

  • Commercial grade machine
  • Filter for pump protection
  • Not suitable to use with liquids
  • Channel bag use only

Sunbeam VS7800 Review

Foodsaver VS7800 The VS7800 is now superseded by the VS 7850. The features of this machine include;

  • Moist food setting and in-built accessory hose
  • On-board roll storage and inbuilt cutter
  • Compact with a one-touch lock
  • Marinate program

Beleeb Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer Review

Beleeb Vacuum SealerThis budget food vacuum sealer features include;

  • Touch screen
  • Automatic
  • Built-in cutter
  • LED indicator lights

Vacuum Sealer Handheld Review

FoodSaver Handheld Vacuum SealerThe best portable vacuum sealer would have to include the FoodSaver vacuum sealer hand pump. Here are some of the features;

  • Handheld and rechargeable
  • Small and compact
  • Great for food-on-the-go

Vacuum Sealer Bags and Vacuum Sealer Rolls

Vacuum Sealer BagsAs vacuum sealers use consumables eventually you will need to buy vacuum sealer rolls or vacuum sealer bags.

Always check that the rolls and bags are BPA free vacuum sealer bags. Another consideration is they fit your particular vacuum sealer machine in width and length as this will affect the closing mechanism if the rolls are too long/large.

If you are happy with the rolls or bags that came with your machine it’s probably best to stick with the same brand. If you don’t find them wallet-friendly you might choose a roll or bag that are budget-friendly instead.

Best Vacuum Sealer Australia Wrap Up

Vacuum sealers are definitely a handy kitchen appliance especially if you are caravanning, camping, 4wding or boating.

You will always be winning if you can prolong the life of your fresh food for longer when you are travelling or at home.

We hope you found this buying guide useful and also that it helped you make a decision of what the right type of vacuum sealer suits your needs and lifestyle.

Looking for other caravan accessories and products for caravanning and camping? Read our other complete guides for the best camping fridge, best 12v upright fridge, best diesel caravan heater and caravanning essentials.

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