Are you looking for the best solar blanket in Australia? There are many factors to consider when purchasing one. Our guide will give you a comprehensive overview of how the best solar panel blanket work, what they can do and the best ones on the market.

Solar blanket technology has progressed over the years, and now there are a ton of different options for caravanners and campers who want to be totally off-grid while on their adventures. It’s always important to consider your own needs before choosing which panels work best for you – some will best suit your needs, and some won’t.

Most of these panels work best for that extra boost when caravanning. You may be parked up in the shade, have endless cloudy days (we hope not!) or simply not have enough solar on your roof.

Solar blankets are also great for smaller or medium-sized campsites that are less than a week-long at most. They don’t have the capacity to power larger sites with more people over time periods longer than this. So, they are perfect for touring Australia, holidays or weekend camping getaways.

Solar blanket technology is improving every year, so it’s best to keep a close eye on the best solar blanket for camping has to offer.

If you want a quick answer to our TOP PICK for the best solar blanket for camping it is the Sunman Solar Blanket. CLICK HERE  for more information and the latest pricing.

The reason the Sunman is our top pick for portable solar blankets are quality, great warranty, parts and accessories are readily available, good customer service, solid background and good price point.

Sunman Solar Blanket

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Camping Solar blanket Vs Camping Solar Panels

Choosing between portable solar panels vs portable solar blankets comes down to how often you travel:

If it’s weekly or monthly, then use either depending on which will save money, of course, weight will always be a consideration.

If you are touring Australia and doing the Big Lap then you’ll definitely be looking for the lightest and easiest setup option.

If you’re a weekend camper, portable solar panels are the best option. They’re less expensive and give you flexibility in where to move them while still giving off enough power for your needs. Plus they work well if all of your necessities fit inside one bag! The downside is that these panels can be bulky and heavy but only an issue when carrying more than just what’s necessary with you when you camp.

When it comes to campers, solar blankets really are the best option as you don’t want something bulky or too expensive on your roof rack. The great thing about these is they’re lightweight and easy-to-store when not in use!

With the rise in popularity of nomads and full-time travellers, many people are opting to invest in a solar panel system. Fixed panels can be cost-effective for those who plan on staying put, but they lack flexibility as you will need to park your vehicle near direct sunlight so that it is charging at all times. However, these panels have other benefits such as being easily set up (no equipment required) and simple to use. If this doesn’t suit you then maybe an option would be fixed with portable solar blankets or extra panels when needed as mentioned above.

Comparing The Best Solar Blanket

This guide is to best explain solar blanket camping and solar blanket reviews. Portable solar blanket technology has progressed over the years. Now there are a ton of different options for campers who want to be totally off-grid while on their adventures.

Also for this guide, we have compared apples with apples in terms of the wattage of each solar blanket. We chose 200w as it is the most popular choice and readily availalable across most brands. Where 2oow is not available we chose the closest wattage to 200w.

It’s always important to consider your own needs and set-up before choosing which panels work best for you – some will best suit your needs, and some won’t.

The Best Camping Solar Blanket Comparison Chart

Name Cell Type | WattageSize Open | Size ClosedWeightCheck Price
Sunman Solar BlanketSunman Solar BlanketMono-Crystalline | 235W670 x 2600 x 5mm
670 x 540 x 24mm
7kgClick Here
EvaKool Solar BlanketEvaKool Lightweight solar blanketETFE | 200W2080 x 670 x 5mm
520 x 670 x 20mm
11.3kgClick Here
Enerdrive Solar BlanketEnerdrive portable solar blanketMono-Crystalline | 240W750 x 2015 x 90mm
750 x 525 x 90mm
12.05kgClick Here
Korr Solar BlanketKorr 200w solar blanketGrade A Mono-Crystalline silicon | 200W2130 x 700 x 30mm
710 x 530 x 30mm
9.0kgClick Here
Engel Solar BlanketEngel foldable solar blanketPowerFilm A-Si solar modules | 60W1092 x 1499mm
279 x 241 x 51mm
1.5kgClick Here
Baintech Solar BlanketBaintech folding solar blanketMono-Crystalline Sunpower solar cells | 120W1560 x 770mm
3.6kgClick Here
Projecta Solar BlanketProjecta 180w solar blanketMono-Crystalline | 180W560 x 2580 x 45mm
500 x 380 x 90mm
8.3kgClick Here
200W King Solar BlanketKings 200w solar blanketMono-Crystalline | 200W1110 x 1105 x 4.6mm
530 x 370 x 95mm
5.95kgClick Here
BCF Solar BlanketBCF XTM 200w Solar BlanketMono-Crystalline | 200W1765 x 1108
375 x 370
10kg approxClick Here
Drivetech Solar Blanket Drivetech 200w solar blanketMono-Crystalline | 200W110 x 1105 x 5m
385 x 530 x 10.5mm
10kgClick Here

Top 10 Best Solar Blankets For Camping

  1. Sunman Portable Solar Blanket eArc 240w
  2. EvaKool Ultralight Solar Blanket
  3. Enerdrive Solar Blanket – 240w Portable Solar Panels
  4. Korr Solar Blanket – 200w Portable with CrocSkin Cell Armour
  5. Engel Solar Blanket Power Film 60W
  6. Baintech Solar Blanket
  7. Projecta Solar Blanket – 160W Folding Solar Panel
  8. 250W King Solar Blanket
  9. BCF Solar Blanket – XTM 200w Folding Solar Blanket
  10. Drivetech Solar Blanket – 200W Portable Monocrystalline Solar Blanket

How To Choose the Best Folding Solar Blanket 

300w solar blanket


As you can see above comparison chart there are many different types of solar blankets for camping on the market today. Each blanket uses a form of solar technology known as photovoltaic cells (PV).

A solar blanket is typically made up of many photovoltaic cells best known as solar panels, which convert the sun’s energy into electricity for powering devices such as batteries and camping fridges.

The most common type of portable solar blanket is made from polycrystalline silicon. Solar blankets can be made from thin-film cells or CIGS cells. Solar blankets are very durable, can be folded into smaller sizes, and best of all is a relatively cheap way to get your own free power source.

Polycrystalline cells are the cheapest form of a photovoltaic cell but at the same time, it is also the least efficient. They have a dark blue colour and are made from silicon and metal. About eighty percent of all photovoltaic cells produced are polycrystalline photovoltaic cells. They are the best solar blanket to buy if you’re on a budget.

Monocrystalline best solar blankets are made from thin silicon wafers that are cut with a saw. The best thing about these best solar blankets is that they will produce more energy than other best portable solar blanket types. Monocrystalline cells tend to be the most expensive and fragile type of best camping solar blanket.

The best camping solar blankets will have a high number of microcrystalline cells. High-efficiency monocrystalline solar blankets tend to be more fragile and cost over twice as much as those that contain a lower number of monocrystalline cells.


Solar blankets are much easier to transport and store than old hard-frame solar panels. They’re also more convenient for Lappers and campers because they take up less space in storage. Plus, they are less prone to breakage when accidentally dropped or struck with an object.

The glass-free cells allow them to resist accidental damage that would otherwise occur through impact such as dropping of scraping against other objects. These solar blankets have many benefits compared to older versions: easy transportation/storage, durable construction (resistant even if it is bumped around), etc.


Solar blankets weigh less than half the weight of the older style solar panels making them ideal for caravanning and camping. Depending on the blanket you choose they can weigh anywhere from a couple of kgs to a whopping 16kg.

Naturally, the best solar blanket is one that is lightweight with great output.


Quality to look for when buying a solar blanket are the quality of the cells as mentioned above. In addition, the quality of the material and the anti-reflective coating is also important.

Other Considerations

What to charge, the item or battery first?

is it best to charge a solar battery first or can I run my solar blanket directly to my camping fridge? You should charge your solar battery first because you never know how long it will take to charge. You can run your solar blanket directly to your camping fridge if the battery is fully charged.

Best Solar Camping Blanket Reviews Australia

150 watt solar blanket

Sunman Solar Blanket Review

Sunman Solar BlanketThe Sunman Portable Solar Blanket eArc 240w only weighs about 7kgs. It also comes equipped with two built-in handles so you can easily carry it around or hang it where needed in the sun.

The panels are made from a patented composite material that’s similar to those used on aeroplanes which helps make them more durable than standard panels. It also folds out in four sections and has loops for easy hanging or laying flat.


The Sunman has

  • 5-year warranty
  • easy to fold out legs for standing
  • output is equal to high-grade building solar panels
  • a bubble wrap bag in a cardboard box is included for storage

EvaKool Solar Blanket Review

EvaKool Lightweight solar blanketThe EvaKool Ultralight Solar Blanket has ETFE solar panels, A-grade solar cells and it’s shatterproof.

The ETFE panels are waterproof and will not lose efficiency even when in contact with water or moisture.

If you’re looking for a solar blanket that is lightweight, easy to pack up and will last you a long time – this one should be on top of your list!

  • shatterproof
  • 1-year warranty
  • easy to pack up
  • ultralight design
  • heavy-duty canvas construction
  • A-grade solar cells giving you great efficiency
  • comes with 20A IP68 PWM Solar Controller, 4.7m Anderson to Anderson lead, Anderson to Alligator Clip (25A Fused) Adaptor and instruction manuals

Enerdrive Solar Blanket Review

Enerdrive portable solar blanketYou are probably aware of the Enerdrive solar panels but did you know Enerdrive also has a solar blanket? Enerdive call them Folding Solar Panels and are available in 120w, 160w and 240w.

The panels are made from a heavy-duty canvas and have an extra thick fibreglass reinforcement panel too.

The Enerdive portable solar panels

  • long-lasting with a 5-year warranty
  • heavy-duty stitching and solid canvas
  • have foldout legs to ensure the best angle to capture the sun
  • material that reduces the flex and potential microfracture of the cell wafers
  • comes with a carry bag with accessory pouch, fold-out legs, 5m cable, plug & play battery leads and Alligator clips

Korr Solar Blanket Review

Korr solar blanketSolar blankets are exposed to large quantities of UV light and generate a significant amount of heat. To increase durability, the material must be resistant to both UV radiation as well as high temperatures.

Crocskin cell armour has been specifically designed for this purpose with an excellent protective barrier that increases solar cells’ lifespan by preventing deterioration after accelerated weathering tests simulating 30 years of exposure to the hot sun

The Korr Solar Blanket – 200w Portable with CrocSkin Cell Armour has a detachable and waterproof controller.

It features a solid copper PCB board that increase cell durability and extra-strong 1680D canvas to protect your investment from damage when you’re on the go. This all comes in a handy, lightweight and portable design.

  • 3-year warranty
  • lightweight, portable design
  • detachable and waterproof controller
  • setup is a breeze and only takes 1-2 minutes with no extra tools needed
  • comes with a protective carry bag, 5m Anderson plug lead, 1.5m Anderson to battery clamp, 4 tie-down pegs

Engel Solar Blanket Review

Engel foldable solar blanketThe Engel Solar Panel Blanket Power Film 60W is best for those who live or spend a lot of time outside and want to be able to have power no matter where they go.

This lightweight camping solar panel can work under any light conditions. It’s perfect for day trips or multi-day backpacking trips. Being lightweight and durable, it’s excellent for camping making it the best portable solar blanket where weight matters when on a big lap. It can also plug directly into an Engel camping fridge.

The Engel Solar Blanket Power Film 60W is

  • 3-year warranty
  • Compact fold-up
  • works in low-light
  • great hiking and backpacking tool
  • works with any device that has a USB port
  • durable and versatile in terms of what kind of devices it can power up
  • comes with an Engel female cigar socket for direct charging, Engel 4.5amp solar charger controller

Baintech Solar Blanket Review

Baintech folding solar blanketOne of the best features of the Baintech products is that they use PWM – Pulse Width Modulation Controller. PWM regulates voltage for optimum performance and efficiency.

They also produce lightweight, compact designs with higher quality Monocrystalline Sunpower solar cells to provide maximum power output even at low light levels.

The Baintech Solar Blanket with PWM controller and Sunpower cells is perfect for extra power for caravanning, camper trailers, camping tents or any other outdoor recreational activities.

This means that you never have to worry about running out of power again.

The best part about the Baintech Solar Blanket is that they are completely safe and efficient for charging devices, lights, fridges or anything else you need to charge while on the go!

  • 1-year warranty
  • lightweight and compact
  • easy to use, simply plug it in
  • comes with 5m Anderson cable

Projecta Solar Blanket Review – 180W Folding Solar Panel

Projecta 180w solar blanketThe best camping solar panels should be easy to use and transportable. Projecta, the makers of this best camping solar panel, have taken that into consideration with their folding design which is also portable due to its lightweight construction.

The built-in solar controller will stop charging when the battery is full and it has built-in protection against overloads, short-circuits, or overheating.

  • 1-year warranty
  • scratch resistant
  • easy to store due to its compact and slimline design
  • has a built-in solar controller that will stop charging when the battery is full
  • maintains the battery in peak condition by protecting against solar discharge
  • durable due to the protection against overloading, short circuits or overheating
  • comes with a carrying bag, 5m lead, fold-away support legs and built-in solar controller

Kings 200w Solar Blanket Review

Kings 200w solar blanketThe Kings Solar Blanket provides many features that make it a fantastic option for anyone looking to go green and sustainable while enjoying their time outdoors.

This blanket has a solar blanket panel with support legs which allows you to place this on any surface without worrying about damaging or scratching anything.

20 amp maximum power point tracking (MPPT) ensures that you get a consistent charge and the best performance. A Grade monocrystalline single solar cells, ensure superb quality from this camping solar blanket.

This blanket utilises a polycrystalline silicone lamination on the back which is not only durable but also provides the best protection from the elements. It also

  • has 1-year warranty
  • comes with 4.4m lead, alligator clips and Anderson plug
  • can be used during all seasons, allowing you to get the best use
  • is able to charge anything that can be charged with a USB cable from laptops and tablets to cameras and speakers
  • included in the package is a user manual, mounting hardware and carabiners to ensure that your set-up is quick and easy

BCF XTM Solar Blanket Review

BCF XTM 200w Solar BlanketThe XTM 200w Folding Solar Blanket is great for camping and also comes with a carry pouch. It can be used to charge laptops, phones, cameras and best of all it folds up into a neat little carry bag for transportation.

Some of the best camping solar panels in Australia are developed by XTM. The best thing about these solar panels is that they fold up and save space, making them easy to transport to the campsite or even use at home in the backyard.

The BCF Solar blanket has

  • 1-year warranty
  • easy storage from the foldable design
  • drapes across car windscreen or caravan awning
  • a high quality monocrystalline 200-watt panel for reliable power
  • option to set it up in any location and spread it out across the ground to soak up some rays
  • comes with 12v/20amp IP67 dustproof and waterproof PWM regulator, 5m lead, 90cm lead with Alligator clip and carry bag

Drivetech Solar Blanket Review

Drivetech 200w solar blanketDrivetech 4×4 200W Portable monocrystalline Solar blanket is a high-quality and lightweight solar panel that has been designed for camping as well as off-roading your vehicle in the mountains or forests.

The panels are made of monocrystalline cells rather than polycrystal ones; this allows more sunlight absorption providing better power efficiency when compared to its counterparts. Generally used by caravans, camper trailers, boats and 4×4 drive vehicles, Drivetech’s products are a great addition to your camping kit.

Drivetech 200W portable solar blanket has

  • 1-year warranty
  • affordable price point
  • provides better sunlight absorption than traditional polycrystalline panels
  • lightweight and portable design makes it easy to transport in your vehicle, as well as store when not in use

Solar Blanket Questions

12v solar blanket

What is a Solar Blanket?

A solar blanket is a device with an array of thin flexible photovoltaic panels, usually arranged in a rectangle and connected to the ground via stakes. They are best used on sunny days when you need instant heat or light. These blankets can be folded into smaller pieces for easy transport between locations that have good sun exposure like camping grounds.

Are Solar Blankets any good?

Solar blankets are best suited for sunny days when you need instant heat or light. They can be folded up and transported to easily between locations that have good sun exposure like camping grounds. Solar blankets come in a variety of sizes, with some being more portable than others, so it’s best to do your research beforehand!

How to use a Solar Blanket?

The best thing about using a solar blanket is that you can charge your devices without the need for any cables or power outlets. You just have to place the blanket on your car or connect it with other devices and enjoy unlimited outdoor charging for electronic gadgets.

The first thing you should do is to check the type of port used for charging your device. You can then use a cord that fits this port perfectly and connect it with the solar blanket. Next, you must ensure that the blanket is placed in an area where there is enough sunlight so that power generation becomes easy.

Lay the solar blanket flat on a surface, such as your car roof. This helps the cells in the blanket receive sunlight and charge your devices quickly.

Alternatively, you can use the legs if the solar blanket has them and tilt the blanket towards the sun. You can then move them around and follow the sun as needed.

If you want to use a solar blanket for powering lamps, or other larger appliances, then you must connect it to the 12-volt lighter socket available in your car. You can also directly connect it with battery clamps and use it for jump-starting. Or charge a battery directly.

Since solar blankets are very easy to carry and install without any hassle, you can take them on your Big Lap for boosting your existing solar system, camping trips, and day trips to have access to power everywhere.

Are Solar Blankets waterproof?

Solar blankets are not waterproof. Water will seep through and cause damage to the blanket, so it is best to store them in a dry place or hang them on a clothesline if possible when they’re wet.

What is the best way to clean a Solar Blanket?

The best way to clean solar panels is by using soap and water, using a soft cloth to clean the front and back of the solar blanket.

Do not use harsh chemicals or any other type of cleaner as this will cause damage to the solar panels

What’s the difference between Monocrystalline solar cells & Polycrystalline solar cells?

Monocrystalline solar cells are best for the long term. They have a higher wattage so they will produce more energy, and their lifespan is longer than polycrystalline.

Polycrystalline panels, on the other hand, may not be as efficient but they’re cheaper to buy upfront and can withstand harsher weather conditions.

What accessories do I need when charging from the Solar Blanket?

If you are charging directly from the solar blanket to a deep cycle battery, then no extra accessories other than your controller and inverter will be required.

If you have another type of battery such as a car or motorcycle batteries that require different connectors for charging, we recommend using an adaptor cord to charge these types of batteries by connecting them to the solar blanket.

Solar blankets will take a while to charge your batteries, but you can use an inverter or dynamo if necessary to power appliances during this time (if charging from a car battery).

What accessories do I need when charging from the Solar Blanket straight onto a deep cycle battery?

No other accessories are required to charge from the solar blanket straight onto a deep cycle battery. If you have another type of battery such as car or motorcycle batteries, then an adaptor cord will be needed for charging these types of batteries by connecting them to the solar blanket. Solar blankets will take some time to charge your batteries, and if necessary, you can use an inverter or dynamo to power appliances during this time.

Solar Blanket Facts

Solar blankets need the sun in order to work best, so be sure that they are exposed on a sunny day before use and during use as well.

Most solar panels only collect heat when there is direct sunlight shining upon it, but if you are having trouble getting enough sun exposure for your solar blanket, you can spread it out in the sun and then move it to an easily accessible location like your car or patio.

Solar blankets are best stored at night when they cannot produce heat. They should be folded up at the end of the day so that they’re ready to go for use again when you need them.

Best practices for storing your foldable Solar Blanket

  • Store it in an airy place out of direct sunlight, such as indoors or undercover if possible
  • Do not store the panels folded for long periods of time, as this will cause damage to the solar panels
  • Treat your blanket like a delicate garment. Keep in mind that folding or rolling up too much can lead to tears and pulls

Solar Calculator

To help you work out how much solar you need to fun your appliances and other items click here to use this handy solar calculator.

Wrap Up

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to the best solar blankets for camping in Australia. It’s up to you now, so go ahead and choose one of these great items – or if it is not on this list, you can always reach out to us for further advice.

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