4WD recovery tracks are essential pieces of recovery gear that help you get your four-wheel drive out of trouble when it loses traction on rocks, sand, mud or snow. The main component of this recovery device is a longboard which has cleats on the bottom to grip the surface and teeth on the top so you can pull yourself free.

Recovery boards are a great piece of equipment for any four-wheel driver. They allow you to get out of trouble when your vehicle is bogged. There is one key question that most people ask themselves before they buy them: which type should I buy? In this guide we will discuss the different types of recovery tracks and what use they have.

We found our Top Pick a difficult choice as two Aussie brands went head-to-head. It was MaxTrax vs Tred for us. Ultimately, after a lot of research, our choice is based on the testing carried out, user feedback, quality, variety of accessories within the brand and price.

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What Do 4X4 Recovery Tracks Do?

Heavy-duty recovery tracks come to your rescue when you have been off-road or driving in rough terrain. In fact, a recovery track made of hard abrasives can handle high flex, thrust, weight and impact strength over extended periods of time.

The best 4×4 recovery tracks mix elasticity and a tight design to ensure a high degree of force on your tyre to provide a superior grip even underneath the vehicle’s load on unstable ground.

Most recovery boards boast a designated shovel feature as well as aggressive entry teeth. Plus hex grip nodules, the ultimate wear-resistant properties that assure solo recovery in the trickiest of bogs.

Best Recovery Tracks Comparison Chart

BrandDimensionsWeightWarrantyCountry Check Price
MaxTrax XtremeMaxtrax Extreme Recovery Tracks120 x 35 x 10cm9kg pairLifetimeAustraliaClick Here
MaxTrax MKIIMaxtrax MK II Recovery Tracks1150 x 330 x 85mm 3.4kg eachLifetimeAustraliaClick Here
MaxTrax Mini IIMaxtrax Mini II Recovery Tracks25 x 13 x 3cm4.54kg pairLifetimeAustraliaClick Here
MaxTrax JaxbaseMaxtrax Jaxbase Recovery Tracks640 x 330 x 85mm 2kg eachLifetimeAustraliaClick Here
Tred ProTRED Pro Recovery Tracks1160 x 330 x 65 mm 8.2kg pairLifetimeAustraliaClick Here
Tred HDTRED HD Recovery Boards1090 x 314 x 62 mm 6.9kg pairLifetimeAustraliaClick Here
Tred GTTRED GT Recovery Boards1085 x 312 x 62 mm 5.5kg pairLifetimeAustraliaClick Here
XBullXBull Recovery Tracks92 x 32 x 12cm4.7kg pair12 monthsChinaClick Here
XTMXTM Recovery Tracks980 x 285 x 55mmNot Available12 monthsChinaClick Here
Bushranger X Trax IIBushranger X Trax Recovery ttracks1.4 m x 30cm16.4kg pair5 yearUnknownClick Here

Top 10 Best 4WD Recovery Tracks Australia [2022]

  • MaxTrax Xtreme recovery tracks
  • MaxTrax MKII recovery tracks
  • MaxTrax MiniII recovery tracks
  • MaxTrax JaxBase recovery tracks
  • Tred Pro recovery tracks
  • Tred HD recovery tracks
  • Tred GT recovery tracks
  • XBull recovery tracks
  • XTM recovery tracks
  • Bushranger X Trax recovery tracks
best 4x4 recovery tracks comparison

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How To Choose the Best 4WD Recovery Tracks

When you are looking for a good brand of recovery tracks, there are several things you should consider. The materials used must be durable and high quality to stand up against wear and tear.

They also need to cover off on the type of 4wding you do. Do you just need 4×4 sand recovery tracks or a board that covers mud, dirt and snow too?

Also, make sure your recovery tracks come with a decent warranty in case they are faulty, break or crack or do not meet your expectations. The Aussie brands have a lifetime guarantee but check the small print on the usage requirements. It will most likely say something like – against manufacturers defects or something similar.

Great brands of recovery boards boast high flex strength for thrust. Also weight and impact resistance in addition to an ultimate wear-resistant property that assures solo recovery no matter how little or what type of surface you are on.

Look for recovery boards that have an abrasive design to provide a high degree of force against your tyre for superior grip even under the vehicle’s load. Especially when off-road or cruising in rough terrain. They should have a mix of elasticity and great design to ensure high force on your tyre for superior grip.

Maxtrax recovery tracks


Different types of boards are great for different surfaces. Some will work better in the sand, some on rocks and others can be used as bridging ladders

The best recovery aids are those that can be used in a variety of circumstances. There are traction mats or pillows and boards which look like grates but provide high friction for difficult terrain.

Traction ladders consist of fibreglass treads; these have drawbacks such as their tendency to break easily under pressure.

The choice between one type over another is usually determined based on how much weight you need pulled and whether the board will stay put once set down level ground again. Ideally, 4 wheel drive recovery tracks that are classed as mud recovery tracks, sand recovery tracks and snow recovery racks will cover all your bases.

Recovery tracks are not the same as bridging ladders, ramps and jack plates. Those pieces of kit can be used to get out of deep ruts.

Ladders may also have their main function as being a track. However, they’re designed specifically for use when there isn’t enough space with rocks on uneven ground so your 4WD doesn’t just roll over them. Instead, they’ll give you a hand up instead!

Jacking plates work like base pads. Welded onto hydraulic jacks they make helping bogged vehicles easier by giving short bursts from high-pressure hydraulics at various points along the bogged area that’s affected.


There are several different sizes of recovery boards. Some brands offer several different sizes in their ranges. This is because the sizes cater for all vehicle types and storage capacities. A pair of large tracks may be an awkward fit in some smaller SUVs.

However, we’re seeing many serious off-roaders carry both large as well as small versions so that they have options when needing more traction or less weight. Or they may be needed and used for adding more height. Sometimes it’s easier dealing with the smaller tracks however, just make sure it’s large enough if needed.


The weight of recovery boards varies due to the type and quality of the materials used in the track. In our top 10, the weight ranges from a whopping 8.2kgs each to a manageable 2kgs each.

For those of us lapping Australia weight certainly plays an important factor when buying recovery tracks.


Like the weight of the track, the quality of the tracks varies too, again depending on the composition of the materials. If you are a keen off-roader or travelling full-time then the best quality 4×4 recovery boards will mostly be your top pick.


When 4wd recovery tracks first hit the market you could buy them in safety orange or safety orange. Now the leading brands offer a variety of colours to match your rig and setup. Including blues, turquoise, greens, reds, yellow and black. 

Best 4X4 Recovery Tracks Reviews

Maxtrax All 4 Adventure

Image Courtesy All 4 Adventure

MaxTrax 4WD Recovery Tracks Review

From a particularly stressful event on a remote north Queensland beach, where a stranded vehicle was about to be engulfed by the incoming tide, Despite having all of the usual recovery tools, Brad McCarthy came up with a new concept for vehicle recovery.

Brad recognized the need for a method that enables one-person vehicle recovery and extraction without the use of towing, snatching, or winching outside assistance.

The name MaxTrax was born and a foolproof and fail-safe quality Australian product was developed and manufactured. An extraction or recovery device to make getting or recovering a stranded or bogged motor vehicle safe, simple, quick, and easy.

Since its invention, MaxTrax has been discovered by 4WD enthusiasts all around the globe as a safe, simple, quick, and inexpensive technique of vehicle recovery.

MaxTrax are not only known for their boards now either. Click here to check out the other gear from the complete recovery pack to the recovery tracks holder.

MaxTrax Extreme Recovery Board Review

Maxtrax Extreme Recovery TracksMaxTrax Extreme is the most advanced 4WD recovery track ever created. Features 88 replaceable hard-anodised alloy teeth moulded into a heavy-duty, super-tough, engineering-grade reinforced Nylon recovery track.

All 88 teeth are made from high strength materials and finished with a process that protects them against wear and corrosion in harsh conditions.

Designed and manufactured for professional use based on direct feedback from some of the world’s elite military units, off-road racing champions, certified 4WD driver trainers and globe-trotting expedition leaders.

MaxTrax Extreme is manufactured in Australia using a secret recipe; heavy-duty and super tough.

Xtreme recovery tracks are the most durable and fastest on the market – making them a convenient choice for any off-road adventurer.

Easily repairable in the field, Xtreme is also nestable with MaxTrax MKII, MKII mini boards (sold separately).

Click here for more information and current Maxtrax recovery tracks pair price

MaxTrax MKII Recovery Board Review

Maxtrax MK II Recovery TracksMaxTrax MKII is your ultimate escape plan in case of vehicle recovery. With sturdy handles, long-lasting materials, and a shovel built into each end for removal work, MAXTRAX is the go-to when you need to get out with speed!

These innovative tracks can wrap completely around your tyre without breaking as tested by The University of Queensland! MaxTrax MKII is a strong, lightweight construction tool that can be carried by anything with four wheels.

Made of UV-stabilized material, MaxTrax bridges are flexible and have built-in handles for easy transportation. With six comfortable handles on either side, a shovel at each end and heaps of heavy-duty teeth to grab your tyre’s tread, you’ll be out of your bog in no time.

Click here for more information and current Maxtrax recovery tracks price

MaxTrax Mini and Jaxbase Recovery Tracks Review

MaxTrax Mini Review

Maxtrax Mini II Recovery TracksNo more getting stuck and needing a 4-wheel drive to pull you out of the mud. The MaxTrax mini is perfect for those small vehicles with limited space or those that just want an easier way out.

MaxTrax mini is a small version of their already popular MaxTrax. It’s made in the same durable nylon used in all other MaxTrax recovery boards, providing exceptional traction for getting you unstuck in any environment.

The aggressive large cleats on MaxTrax mini sink their teeth into the tire tread and terrain below your tires to prevent slipping back when trying to get out from under whatever funky situation you may find yourself down in.

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MaxTrax Jaxbase Review

Maxtrax Jaxbase Recovery TracksThe MaxTrax JaxBase is a shorter version of the MaxTrax Mini. It nests into the underside of the MAXTRAX mini, MKII or XTREME boards to give additional surface area and strength when jacking from the soft or slippery ground.

The Jaxbase has two comfortable built-in handles for easy lugging around while executing your standard rock crawl out of that embarrassingly large mud puddle. The shovels are also handy additions and with their exclusive keyhole accessory points, the JaxBase can be securely mounted.

MaxTrax Mini and MaxTrax Jaxbase can be joined together with all MaxTrax recovery boards extending their length using the MaxTrax Fixing & Linking Kit.

Easy to carry thanks to its signature double-edged design, this kit allows trucks of varying shapes and sizes to recover from trouble spots one would otherwise not have been able to drive through.

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Tred Recovery Tracks Review

Tred are experts in product design, engineering, and manufacturing. They utilise their considerable knowledge and experience to create the greatest, most adventurous Tred recovery tacks for sale that represent the Aussie 4wder.

They saw a need for better off-road recovery tracks that 4WDers could utilise when things didn’t go as planned.

They use their knowledge and resources to create high-quality recovery boards because they know what it takes to produce excellent, long-lasting equipment. Not only do Tred have high-quality recovery tracks they also have a number of accessories including the Tred recovery tracks mounting.

Tred is entirely Australian owned and operated, with the entire TRED manufacturing process being developed right here in Australia.

Tred Pro™ Recovery Tracks Review

TRED Pro Recovery TracksTred Pro™ is the world’s most advanced all-in-one off-road vehicle recovery device. Designed to get your four-wheel drive, ATV and equipment out of trouble when traction is lost.

No damage to the board under wheelspin with an unmatched and patented dual composite design that ensures no harm to the recovery tracks 4wd.

The unique grip profile was derived from real-world data and designed to engage with the water drainage channels on the tire’s outer edges, known as ‘sipes.’

Based on hundreds of tire company’s tread patterns, engineers have fine-tuned the distribution and design of your tires for maximum traction to offer an effortless getaway. Using a directional recovery board, the nodule’s profile creates a better grip on the tyre’s profile

Engineered and manufactured in Australia with the BIG claim for the next generation of Tred off-road recovery device will outperform any other traction aid in the market.

It’s perfect for exploring because it allows you to go without letting anything disrupt you. Tred Pro™ – recovering with precision!

Click here for more information and current Tred recovery tracks best price

Tred HD Recovery Track Review

TRED HD Recovery BoardsTred HD, the ultimate Tred recovery track. Made from a high-quality custom blend engineered Nylon enabling high levels of flex while delivering superior strength and durability.

The mix of elasticity and tough rigid design in the main body means that the Tred HD will maintain a high level of pressure on your tire to provide traction whilst still being able to take the flex from the vehicle’s weight on unstable ground.

This summer tread is made especially for all year round – even extreme climates!

What’s more, the HD version is not just designed to provide sand and mud traction. The special all-season formulation will also aid you in any of your seasonal adventures that may include sudden weather changes or ambient temperatures from -15°C to 70°C.

Click here for more information and current Tred recovery tracks price

Tred GT Recovery Board Review

TRED GT Recovery BoardsWith the construction of Tred GT, not only do you get strength and durability but you also get resilience in an off-road environment.

Manufactured with high-quality automotive-grade polypropylene, Tred GT is made for the adventurer who wants to explore without worry.

Specially designed for ambient temperatures ranging from 0°C  – 55°C, this material formulation remains resilient all year round so that even when sporting your product in adverse conditions, it will provide reliable performance every time.

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XBull Recovery Tracks Review – Ebay Recovery Tracks Review

XBull Recovery TracksThe XBull recovery tracks are made of an unspecified nylon mixture that is highly resilient for any terrain.

The recovery tracks eBay favourites are strong double ramp design with special teeth pattern surface guarantees effective performance and has lots of features to give you some extra stability.

You have four mounting points on each side so the product, plus six comfortable handholds around the entire circumference for easy portability.

There is also 10-ton weight capacity. No more spinning tires stuck in snow or mud by using XBulls, you’ll be back on the road again in no time.

Click here for more information and current price

XTM Recovery Tracks Review

XTM Recovery TracksDon’t let a little sand or dirt take away from your next adventure with 4wd Recovery Tracks BCF. These lightweight and durable boards make getting unstuck easy; simply flip them around and use them as shovels to clear dirt and debris in front and behind your tires. They work great in mud, clay, sand – even snow.

Lightweight and durable, the XTM recovery track is made of strong nylon.

UV resistant with moulded storage points on either side for ease of transportation and robust teeth to improve grip.

If you are looking for Supercheap Auto recovery tracks they are exactly the same as these BCF recovery tracks as they are owned by the same company.

Click here for more information and current recovery tracks price

Bushranger Recovery Tracks Review

Bushranger X Trax Recovery ttracksBushranger®, creators of innovative off-road gear has revamped their X Trax II Engineer Tracks. If you are looking for roll-up recovery tracks or roll-up rubber recovery tracks the Bushrangers are the tracks for you.

Designed to bend, flex and grip the tyre treads as much as possible. These roll-up rubber recovery tracks are made from heavy-duty rubber and galvanised steel cables 1.4 metres long and 30cm wide. This roll-up recovery tracks design sits neatly around your tires. This gives you maximum grip when negotiating muddy terrains such as sand, snow or mud.

Throw these strengthened stilts under your tyres to make quick work of large obstacles such as deep puddles. Or other debris without getting bogged down.

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Other Recovery Track Brands

There are several cheap recovery tracks copy-cat brands. They are mainly manufactured in China.

In fact, when conducting the research for this buying guide we found that Giantz recovery tracks and Rock Armour recovery tracks came out of the same factory. See here and here. As you can see they are exactly the same track. Plus it looks like they don’t have any traction inducing nodules or teeth.

These tracks are certainly not a product we can confidently recommend for pulling you out of a bog on a sandy beach with an incoming tide lapping at your tires.

Considering you’ve probably spent upward of 50K on your rig alone, we think spending a couple of hundred dollars more on Aussie made proven tracks is definitely worth the peace of mind.

Wrap Up

We’ve covered the top 10 best recovery tracks for sale in this buying guide. We hope you have found our reviews helpful when buying your set of recovery tracks. The next decision will be, what colour do you want, followed by do you buy 2 or 4?

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