When you have the best 4wd awning fitted to your rig you can pull up in any weather knowing you’ll be protected from the elements. The best car shade awning will also provide shelter from the rain.

No more wrangling putting up gazeboes or the outdated beach umbrella’s on the hot sand. Or chasing them down the beach when they break loose. Gone too are the days of playing Tetris when it comes to finding them a home and trying to fit them in the back of your rig!

With several brands of 4wd awnings for sale, it can be difficult to decide which is the best awning for you and your lifestyle.  Will you use your 4wd awning on weekend camping getaways or will you need a 4×4 tough awning for touring?

There are several things to think about before you purchase the best car awning. Including weight, size, best awning fabric, where and how it’s attached and of course the price.

To make your selection easier we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide and reviews of the best 4×4 awnings from the top brands.

If you want a quick answer and our TOP PICK for the best 4×4 Awning it is the Darche Awning Eclipse 270 Degree Awning

Darche Awning Eclipse Gen 2

Here are a few quick reasons why

  • Ease of use
  • Quality materials
  • Available wall kits
  • Excellent all-weather coverage

A full review is available below in this guide

Click here to check pricing on the 270 Darche awning

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Comparing The Best 4WD Awning Australia [2022]

For a quick reference, we have made a 4×4 awning comparison chart below. The chart includes weight as your rigs payload is immediately affected the moment you add an accessory. Also included are the awnings type, size and material.

We also review the items on the chart and how and where the awning is attached and if any extra fittings are required. Plus, any attachments are available, such as a 4×4 awning tent, 4×4 awning side walls, screens, and 4wd shower awning.

Let’s get into it!

The Best 4×4 Awning Australia 2022 Comparison Chart


NameTypeSize | CoverageWeight | GSMCheck Price
Darche Awning Eclipse Gen 2Darche Awning Eclipse Gen 2270 degree6000 x 4000 x 2100
27.9 Kgs
320gsm Ripstop
Click Here
Rhino-Rack Batwing AwningRhino Rack Batwing Awning270 degree
2300 x 2300 x 2500
21.5 Kgs
210 Denier Ripstop
Click Here
Darche Eclipse 180 Gen 2 AwningDarche Eclipse 180 Awning180 degree
6160 x 2070 x 2100
20 Kgs
260gsm Ripstop
Click Here
Eezi Easy Awning MantaEezi Awning Manta270 degree1500 x 1300 x 2300
21 Kgs
280gsm Ripstop
Click Here
BCF Awning - XTM 270 degree 4x4 AwningBCF Awning - XTM 270 degree 4x4 Awning270 degree2700 x 2500
17 -35 Kgs
270gsm poly cotton canvas
Click Here
Oztent Foxwing 270 Awning Series IIOztent Foxwing 270 Awning Series II270 degree240 x 94.4"
19 KgsClick Here
Oztent Foxwing 180Oztent Foxwing 180 Awning180 degree240 x 94.4"
19 KgsClick Here
Kings Awning 270 Degree Wing AwningKings Awning 270 Degree Wing Awning270 degree2500 x
16.8 Kgs
170gsm Ripstop
Click Here
Kings 4wd Rear AwningKings 4wd Rear AwningRear1400 x 20007.4 Kgs
170gsm Ripstop
Click Here
Dune 4wd AwningDune 4wd side AwningSide2500 x 20009.3 Kgs
200gsm Ripstop
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Top 10 4×4 Awning Australia [2022]

  1. Darche Awning Eclipse Gen 2
  2. Rhino-Rack Batwing Awning
  3. Darche Eclipse 180 Gen 2 Awning
  4. EEzi Easy Awning Manta
  5. BCF Awning – XTM 270 degree 4×4 Awning
  6. Oztent Foxwing 270 Awning Series II
  7. Oztent Foxwing 180
  8. Kings Awning 270 Degree Wing Awning
  9. Kings 4wd Rear Awning
  10. Dune 4wd Awning

How To Choose the Best Awning For Cars Australia [2022]

best 4wd Awning Australia


There are several different types of 4×4 awnings. Where you want to mount your awning will determine the type of 4wd awning you choose.

Most are mounted on the offside or passenger side of your rig. This allows for easy and safe access and set-up, especially if you are pulling up roadside for a quick lunch.

Types of Awnings for Cars include:

  • 4wd side awning
  • rear awning 4wd
  • 4×4 side awning
  • 4wd retractable awning
  • foxwing awning
  • batwing awning
  • 270-degree car awning
  • automatic awning
  • corner awning
  • 4wd rear awning tent

We will cover all these types of awnings in our in-depth reviews below.


The size of the awning for car will determine the amount of shade it provides. E.g. The longer the length and depth of the awning together with the degrees it covers.

Most 270 degree awnings for cars provide 11 – 11.5 sqm of shade coverage. Side awnings or rear awnings measure 2 -2.5 meters.


Just like other 4×4 accessories, the weight of the 4×4 awning you select will affect the payload of your rig. This will also impact the GVM and GCM. 

Fortunately, all the 4wd awnings we review are no more than 28kgs. Naturally the larger the awning the more it will weigh. E.g. a full 270-degree awning is heavier than a side or rear awning. 


The quality of various 4×4 awnings is definitely reflected in the price. Features determining price include

  • GSM – grams per square meter
  • Denier – thickness of the yarn
  • Types of fabric, e.g. polyester or cotton

Other Considerations

Other considerations impacting your purchase may include your

  • Ease of setup – 1 or 2 people setup?
  • Budget – how much are you willing to spend?
  • Frequency of use – how often will you use your awning?
  • Time of setup – is it a 30-second awning, 1 minute or several minute setups?
  • Touring or camping – occasional camping trips or lapping Australia touring?
  • How much shade coverage – do you want side and rear coverage or 270 degrees?

Best 4wd Awning Reviews Australia 2022

best 4wd Awning 2021 Australia

Darche Awning Review 270 Degree Eclipse Gen 2

Darche Awning Eclipse Gen 2As you have read at the beginning of this guide the Darche 270 awning is our Top Pick and here is why!

The Darche 270 degree awning has the most weather protection for shade and rain on the market. It’s an easy one-person job from start to set up taking less than a couple of minutes.

The awning is made from a premium 320gsm polycotton and a 1500mm water protection rating. This 4wd shade awning stretches the full length of any large 4×4 wagon and across the rear.

To keep your awning in top condition, the removable, 600gsm awning cover protects your awning once it’s packed away.

You’ll find all you will need when you purchase this 4wd awning as the mounting brackets, poles, guy ropes and tension straps are all included.

Available in left or right configurations depending on your needs this strong box-tubed system is manufactured to last many 4wd adventures.

If you are likely to do a few nights camping away from your caravan or camper wall kits are available for complete enclosure and privacy.

What we like

  • Excellent coverage
  • 3-Year warranty
  • Quality materials
  • Easy set up for 1 person
  • Everything is included
  • Wall kits are available

What we don’t like

  • It is slightly heavier than other awnings in this size. However, we still think it’s the best 270-degree awning.

Click here for more information and to check current pricing for the Darche Awning Eclipse Gen 2

Rhino-Rack Batwing Awning Review

Rhino Rack Batwing AwningThe best batwing awning is made by Rhino-Rack. It does come a very close second in this guide as it’s an Australian made quality product.

Rhino-Rack chooses denier (210 deniers) or the thickness of the strand of poly cotton to rate its canvas. This is instead of using the industry-standard GSM grams per square meter. We couldn’t find any references as to why, so it remains a mystery.

With a 2000mm water rating the canvas is both mould and water-resistant. An independent test shows a 50+ UV rating and has been endorsed by the Australian Cancer Council.

What we like

  • Excellent price point
  • Adjustable awning legs
  • Everything included
  • High vis orange ropes
  • Fits perfectly with the Rhino-Rack roof rack systems
  • Light-weight accessories available, eg. shovel holder
  • Black powder-coated, rust-resistant frame and poles

What we don’t like

  • 1-Year warranty

Click here for more information and to check current pricing for the Rhino-Rack Batwing Awning.

Darche Side Awning Review

Darche Eclipse 180 AwningIf you are looking for flexibility in an awning this 180-degree Darche awning might tick all the boxes for you.

Mounted as a 4wd side awning or 4×4 rear awning it is adaptable to both your camping or work needs. The free-standing mode makes for easy set-up for 1 person.

With a 1500mm water rating and a premium 320gsm, this awning will keep you both cool and dry when the need arises.

What we like

  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • 3-year warranty
  • Wall kits available
  • Easy set up by 1 person

What we don’t like

  • The ‘new’ features such as the hinge system have added an extra 2kg to the weight in the Gen2.

Click here for more information and to check current pricing for the Darche Eclipse 180 Gen 2 Awning

Eezi Awning Review – Manta

Eezi Awning MantaThis South African made awning is available in left and right-hand configurations.

The Eezi-Awn is a combination of this company’s Swift side awning and the Bat awning. The difference is the combination of the two awnings creating a larger footprint of shade to the side and back of your 4wd.

This awning also has 4 swing-out height-adjustable feet should your awning need extra support, especially in windy conditions.

What we like

  • Wall panels available
  • Easy setup for 1 person
  • Lighter weight for a 270 awning

What we don’t like

  • The price
  • Warranty not disclosed
  • Fitting kit available separately

Click here for more information and to check current pricing for the Eezi Awning Manta

4wd Awning BCF – XTM 270 degree 4×4 Awning Review

BCF Awning - XTM 270 degree 4x4 AwningThis BCF awning is made from a 280gsm poly-cotton canvas. The awning is 270 degrees and covers the side and back of your 4wd.

It is rated to UPF50+ to protect from the sun and is an opinion for weekend camping getaways and short trips. We feel it would be unsuitable for touring.

What we do like

  • A cheaper option for a 270-degree awning
  • Member discounts almost halve the price

What we don’t like

  • 2 person set up is best
  • Reported flimsy hinges and brackets
  • Stronger support poles are needed in windy conditions

Click here for more information and to check current pricing for the BCF Awning – XTM 270 degree 4×4 Awning

Oztent Foxwing 270 Awning Series II Review

Oztent Foxwing 270 Awning Series IIThis lightweight 270-degree awning from Oztent is made from rip-stop, UPF50+, fire retardant, waterproof polyester.

The awning also has zips on all sides for add-on accessories and is mould and rust-resistant.

What we like

  • Easy assembly
  • 2-year warranty
  • Everything is included
  • Lightweight at just 19kgs

What we don’t like

  • Smaller cover makes it harder for quick pack up

Click here for pricing for more information and to check current pricing for the Oztent Foxwing 270 Awning Series II

Oztent Foxwing 180 Awning Review

Oztent Foxwing 180 degree awningThe Oztent Foxwing 180 awning is available for both left and right-hand sides of your 4×4.

It is similar to the 270-degree Foxwing without the full coverage around the back of your rig. Unfortunately, it is also a similar price.

The fire retardant polyester fabric is rust and mould proof

What we do like

  • Lightweight
  • Great for camper trailers
  • Zips on all edges for accessories

What we don’t like

  • Price
  • Fitting kits are extra
  • Awning needs to be anchored at all times

Click here for more information and to check current pricing for the Oztent Foxwing 180 Awning

Kings 4wd Awning Review

Kings Awning 270 Degree Wing AwningKings have a great range of products at affordable prices and this 4wd Supercentre awning is no exception.

The 1 person, 2-minute setup is easily done and when fully completed the Kings 4wd awning provides 11 sqm of shade.

The 4wd Supercentre 270 awning has a strong frame, hinges and poles, UPF50+ polycotton ripstop of 170gsm. The awning is 2.5m long and has an integrated pole system that you unfold as you swing the awning out.

What we like


Awning walls are available

What we don’t like

Only 170gsm canvas

The 4wd awning bracket is an extra

Legs don’t automatically release on setup

Click here for more information and check current pricing on the 270 Kings awning

Kings 4wd Rear Awning Review

Kings Awning Rear AwningNeed an awning for a weekend or beach trip? Then this Kings awning might be just the 4wd awning for your rig.

Made from 170gsm ripstop polyester is 1.4m long and extends out to 2m.

The awning also has a dual channel making for a quick pack up. 

What we like

  • Lightweight
  • Great option for short trips

What we don’t like

  • The mounting kit is an extra 

Click here to check pricing for the Kings 4wd Rear Awning.

Dune 4wd side AwningDune 4wd Quickstop Awning Review

The Dune 4wd Quickstop Awning by Anaconda is a cheap and quick option for a car awning.

Made from 200gsm ripstop canvas this awning is great for weekend beach trips or short camping trips.

If you want this awning to attach to your roof rack extra fittings are available for purchase.

What we like

  • Lightweight
  • An affordable alternative for short trips

What we don’t like

  • Mounting fittings are extra

Click here for more information and to check current pricing on the Dune 4wd Awning

Wrap Up

We’ve covered all types of 4wd awnings in this guide including 270-degree awnings, 180-degree awnings, side awnings and rear awnings. We hope this guide has provided the information you need to make your choice on which is the best 4wd awning to suits your needs.

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