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Hi! Welcome to Lappers Australia!

This website is about bringing you the best information about caravanning and camping and road-tripping around Australia.

We feature articles about travelling around Australia so you can plan your own trip with our inspirational video’s and articles. We feature destinations from all Australian states whether you are towing a caravan or camping. We’ll show you the hidden gems from the ocean to the outback.

We also cover the gear you will need for your caravan, 4×4 and your trip, based on the gear we buy and use. Plus, as we are avid foodies, some good ole` camp cooking.

As we explore our great country we’ll also include wineries, as what’s a 5 o’clock sundowner without a good drop?

It’s our goal to provide you with an extensive resource for your travels around Australia. Plus the inspiration to hit the road!

We hope the information you find here and across our socials is useful to help with your planning whether you are a complete newbie to 4wding and camping or have a big lap or two already under your belt.

Who Are We?

K and A3

We are Kevin and Annette and we love travelling around Australia.

On our second date, Kev popped that most important question, “do you want to travel around Australia?” Of course, I said yes immediately!

I’ve camped as a kid and for a couple of years before I met Kev, firstly in a tent and then upgraded to a camper trailer.

Kev travelled through parts of the top end for 3 months dragging a (quaint?) tiny bright green caravan behind him. He loved every moment and vowed that one day…

Kevs caravan
Kevs caravan2

That was before buying 2 businesses, me selling 2 businesses and a house, plus moving house 3 times together.

2022 makes it 13 years together, 5 children between us and 3 Grandies 🥰

Like most people on the planet, 2020 changed our plans. Our plans pre 2020 included living overseas for a few years, travelling the world and then returning home to start the Big Lap Australia.

Naturally, overseas travel is waaay on the back burner and a road trip Australia, is definitely in our sights.

Currently (Feb 2021) we have a business to sell, an apartment to sell and a 4wd (probably Landcruiser), caravan, accessories and gear to buy.

**Update September 2021 – we now have a van on order for delivery in March 2022. We also have a 4wd on order too for a March 2022 delivery. 

In the background and pre the existence of the website Lappers Australia I (Annette) have been getting ready. I bought a .com domain name 5 years ago and recently the .com.au then changed the name to Lappers Australia.

I’ve also been busy with a ton of research and I think I even understand GVM’s, ATM’s, GCM’s, Payloads, Tow Ball Weights, Tare and GCVM. 😀

For the past 10 years, I’ve developed other websites and socials. This time around I’m ready to tackle videoing, editing, YouTube and flying a drone (should be interesting!) so we can show you those hidden gems and the gear we use and why.

We know how difficult planning a lap of Australia can be and the decisions you’ll have to make along the way. So you don’t have to go it alone, we are here to help lessen the burden to ensure you enjoy the freedom, make the best memories, live your dream life and travel the best lap of Australia.

Contact Us

Want to say hello or have any questions? Please contact us here and let us know what you’d like us to focus on to answer any questions you may have.

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