In this 12v upright fridge guide, we cover both 12 volt fridges for your caravan, 12v upright fridge/freezer and an upright camping fridge freezers.

The best camping fridges fall into two groups for this guide. The 12 volt fridge for your car and the 12 volt upright fridge freezer for your caravan, motorhome or boat.

We’ve previously covered the best camping fridge. You can read that guide here if you are looking for the best travelling fridge for your car.

If you are looking for a quick answer and the TOP PICK for a 12v fridge click here.

If you are looking for a quick answer and TOP PICK for a 12v upright fridge freezer click here.

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Comparing The Best 12v Upright Fridge

When you are caravanning and camping a 12v camping fridge is a necessity for keeping your food fresh and your wine and beers cold.

This guide compares brands by weight, capacity, functionality, dimensions and price. We give you the facts so you can make an informed decision of which 12v upright fridge suits your needs best.

Below we’ve compiled a quick comparison guide for each fridge we are reviewing. 

Let’s get to it!

Best 12v Upright Fridge Comparison Chart

BrandImageCapacity | WeightPowerDimensionsPrice
Bushman Upright Fridge Bushman upright fridge130L | 26 kgs2-Way Compressor525 x 750 x 550Click Here
Waeco Upright FridgeWaeco upright fridge135L | 31 kgs2-Way Compressor525 x 815 x 620Click Here
Dometic Upright FridgeDometic upright fridge 135L108L | 28 kgs2- Way Compressor520 X 725 x 558Click Here
Engel Upright FridgeEngel upright fridge95L | 31 kgs2-Way Compressor531 x 786 x 579Click Here
Engel 80L Upright FridgeEngel 80L upright fridge80L | 28 kgs2-Way Compressor531 x 786 x 579Click Here
EvaKool Upright FridgeEvaKool upright fridge110L | 31 kgs2-Way Compressor475 x 826 x 525Click Here
Isotherm Upright FridgeIsotherm upright fridge130L | 28 kgs2-Way Compressor545 x 743 x 560Click Here
Vitrifrigio Upright FridgeVitrifrigio upright fride230L | 62 kgs2-Way Compressor631 x 1354 x 602Click Here
Thetford Upright FridgeThetford upright fridge182L | 52 kgs3-Way Absorption624 x 1454 x 645Click Here
Dometic Upright FridgeDometic upright fridge224L | 46 kgs2-Way Compressor550 x 1657 x 677Click Here
Glacio Upright FridgeGlacio upright fridge100L | 28.5 kgs2-Way Compressor450 x 460 x 1000CLICK HERE


Top 11 12v Upright Fridges

top 12 volts fridge
  1. Bushman Upright Fridge – DC130X Compressor Fridge
  2. Waeco Upright Fridge – CRX140 CoolMatic 135L Compressor Fridge
  3. Dometic Upright Fridge – CRX100 108L Compressor Fridge
  4. Engel Upright Fridge – STF100 95L Compressor Fridge
  5. Engel 80L Upright Fridge – ST90F 80L Compressor Fridge
  6. Evakool Upright Fridge – Platinum 110L Compressor Fridge
  7. Isotherm Upright Fridge – Cruise Matched 130L Compressor Fridge
  8. Vitrifrigio Upright Fridge – DP2600iX 230L Compressor Fridge
  9. Thetford Upright Fridge – N614E 182L 3-way fridge
  10. Dometic Upright Fridge – RUC 8408X 224L Compressor Fridge
  11. Glacio Upright Fridge – 100L Compressor Fridge

How To Choose The Best Upright Camping Fridge

choosing a 12v fridge freezer

When you are shopping for the best 12v fridge to suit your needs there are a few things to consider.

  • Weight
  • Capacity
  • Dimensions
  • Other considerations


Whether you’re are caravanning or camping weight is always top of mind. The weight of the camping 12v fridge or the 12v upright fridge freezers will impact your decision as it adds to the overall weight of either your rig or caravan.

Fortunately, now new technology allows for some of the best componentry, larger efficient fridges that weigh less. Work out what your needs are, what will you store in your new fridge and what size fridge you need that suits you. E.g. are you touring or getting away for holidays and weekends away?


All 12v refrigerators are measured in litres. What size upright fridge 12v do you need?

Are you looking for a 12v car fridge or a 12v 240v fridge freezer for your caravan?

Do you only want to store lunches and a few cans or do you want to store tall bottles?

Make a list of the uses your upright 12v car fridge or 12v camper fridge has to have. This will narrow down the choices for you.


The dimensions of the fridge correspond with the capacity of the fridge.

Where is the fridge going to live? How large or small is the space?

When you are measuring, also consider the size of the handles as manufacturers only quote the dimensions of the actual fridge casing.

Other Considerations

How many people are using the fridge? Will you cater for more people in the future?

Will you camp off-grid? If so will you need a larger fridge to store more fresh food when there are no corner stores close to where you camp?

Also, you will need to consider if your 12v 240v fridge caravan or camping fridge needs accessories. Some accessories you may need are vents and mounting frames.

The links to fridges in this article also include accessories, so you can determine if your choice of a 12 volt upright fridge requires additional accessories or not.

Are you touring up north, visiting tropical areas? The weather can determine whether you have a 2-way compressor fridge or a 3-way absorption fridge. We cover this in details below.

2-Way Compressor Fridge Vs 3-Way Absorption Fridge

3-way fridges were very popular for touring in a caravan or camping. However, since the introduction of the 2-way compressor fridge, many people are requesting them in their new caravan build. People with older 3-way fridges and caravans are replacing them with a 12v compressor fridge.

Here are some of the differences:

2-Way 12v Fridge – Compressor

Can be used on either 12/24v DC Power or 240v AC power. 2 ways use a compressor motor to cool just like home kitchen fridges. They are popular as they perform better in hotter tropical areas and are more efficient off-grid. These types of fridges are:

  • Efficient
  • Have a tropical climate class rating meaning they perform well in the hottest climates
  • Low ambient temperature
  • Generally have a drainage plug for easy cleaning
  • Easy to use digital controller interface
  • Double door locking
  • L or R door hinge
  • 2 or 3 yr warranty

3-Way Upright Fridge

12/24V DC, 240v AC and LPG Gas

These types of fridges are called absorption fridges as they use absorption heat-exchange to cool the fridge, they remove the heat rather than create the cold.

Their key appeal is the efficiency when running on gas. They can run for several weeks on a 9kg gas bottle and run well in cooler climates. They don’t however, cope well in hot tropical climates.

If you are touring Australia on a big lap then a compressor upright fridge may suit your needs best.

Best 12v Upright Fridge Review Australia 2022

12v caravan fridge reviews

Bushman Upright Fridge Review

Bushman Upright FridgeThe Bushman upright fridge was in our TOP PICK in the car fridge review section we did in our Ultimate Guide To The Best Camping Fridge. In the section for 130L 12v upright fridges our top pick is the same, and with good reason!

Bushman has an excellent 38-year track record, are an Aussie company with after-sales service in house. If you are in need of customer service then an Aussie picks up the phone to help! How great is that?

Bushman always keeps things simple, it’s their philosophy for business. Products are

  • Efficient – lower amp draws due to larger cooling units
  • Reliable – the worlds best components with a strong construction
  • Service – great old fashioned service rather than call centres

The Bushman DC130X upright fridge, like all Bushman fridges, is made out of steel. It is built for the extreme temperatures of Australia.

Other features include

  • Australia customer service and quality control
  • Efficient – low run times due to less power usage
  • Danfoss compressor with custom settings
  • Reversible door, left or right
  • Can carry large bottles
  • Adjustable shelves
  • 3-year warranty
  • 6L freezer

Click here to check prices and more reviews of the Bushman Upright Fridge.

Waeco Upright Fridge Review

Waeco upright fridgeWaeco is now owned by Dometic, a company started by two Swedish engineers in 1919. Together they created the world’s first refrigerator.

Dometic has emerged from its initial roots of Artic, who was later bought out by Electrolux, who then created a division called Dometic at the end of the 1960s.

The company is innovative and constantly improving its camping fridges. This CRX140, Coolmatic 135L Upright fridge replaces the Waeco CR 1140 model.

The body of this 12v Waeco fridge is a coated metal frame. It has a plastic door frame and interior. The steel door panel is vinyl coated. The fridge has stainless steel fittings.

Some of the features of this Waeco upright fridge include

  • -10 to -30 energy consumption improvement
  • Greater low ambient temperature control
  • Custom-built variable speed compressor
  • Variable door hinges and mounts
  • Better air ventilation
  • 3-year warranty
  • Drainage hole
  • 11L freezer

Click here to check prices and more reviews for the Waeco Dometic 140L Upright Fridge.

Dometic Upright Fridge Review

Dometic upright fridge 135LThe Dometic CoolMatic CRX110 Fridge and Freezer is 108L. It replaces the former CR-1110 model with upgraded temperature control, energy efficiency and reduced noise.

The body of this fridge is a coated metal frame. It has a plastic interior and door frame. The steel door panel is coated with vinyl. The fittings are made from stainless steel.

The features of the 108L Dometic 12v upright fridge are similar to the fridge above

  • -10 to -30 energy consumption improvement
  • Greater low ambient temperature control
  • Custom-built variable speed compressor
  • Variable door hinges and mounts
  • Better air ventilation
  • 3-year warranty
  • Drainage hole
  • 9.5L freezer

Click here to check prices and more reviews for the Dometic Upright Fridge.

Engel Upright Fridge Review

Engel upright fridgeEngel needs no introduction to the camping and caravanning marketplace as they have a long-established reputation as one of the industry leaders. Some of their fridges were built as far back as 1962!

This 12v upright fridge Engel is the only with no freezer space. A matching freezer is available should you need a stand-alone freezer.

Some of the features of this 12v compressor fridge include

  •  Auto-switching between 12v/24v DC and 240v AC
  • Can be paired with a matching full freezer
  • Swing motor compressor
  • Standard turbofan
  • Replaceable door panel
  • Reversible door panel
  • Drainage hole

Click here to check prices and more reviews for Engel Upright Fridge.

Engel 80L Upright Fridge Review

Engel 80L upright fridgeThe Engel ST90F 80 litre upright fridge also has a small freezer compartment. This smaller upright fridge is designed to fit in smaller compartments in caravans, boats and 4×4’s.

Features of this stand-alone 2-way compressor fridge include

  • Auto Dc to AC voltage selection
  • Energy-efficient swing motor
  • 2.5 amp low currency draw
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Reversible door
  • 3-year warranty
  • Turbo fan

Click here to check prices and more reviews for the Engel Upright Fridge.

EvaKool Upright Fridge Review

Evakool upright fridgeMainly known for their coolers or ice boxes, Evakool has a range of fridges in their Platinum Series, designed for harsh Aussies conditions.

The Evakool Platinum 110 litre upright fridge has the largest capacity in the range. This EvaKool 12v fridge is designed for motorhomes, camper trailers, caravans and 4×4’s.

The features of the EvaKool 110L upright fridge include

  • High efficiency and low energy consumption
  • Auto-reverse polarity protection
  • Secop compressor
  • Reversible door
  • Lockable door
  • 3-year warranty
  •  10L freezer

Click here to check prices and more reviews for the EvaKool Platinum Upright Fridge.

Isotherm Upright Fridge Review

Isotherm upright fridgeThe Isotherm Cruise Matched 130 Litre Compressor Fridge Freezer has a small freezer, fruit and veg bin and adjustable shelves.

This Isotherm 12v fridge is in the “matched” range. Meaning it can be matched with other Cruise freezers and fridges. They can be stacked on top of each other or assembled side-by-side.

Other features of this 12 volt fridge freezer include:

  • Interchangeable front door panel
  • Internal rotary thermostat
  • Left or right door hinges
  • Fan cooled compressor
  • Low voltage cut off
  • 1-year warranty
  • 6L freezer

Click here to check prices and more reviews for the Isotherm Upright Fridge.

Vitrifridgio Upright Fridge Review

Vitrifrigio upright fridgeMade in Italy, the Vitrifrigo DP2600I 2 Door Fridge & Freezer are suitable for caravans and boats. This 12v 240v fridge caravan model is serviced by Camec who also has spare parts.

With the cooling unit mounted directly onto the cabinet, it is recommended there is sufficient ventilation surrounding the fridge. Especially around the cooling unit.

Other features of this premium range fridge include:

  • Large capacity fridge and freezer
  • Nautic front operated lock
  • Flush mounted frame
  • Internal cooling unit
  • Silent operation
  • 2-year warranty
  • 60L freezer

Click here to check prices and more reviews for the Vitrifrigo Upright Fridge.

Thetford Upright Fridge Review

Thetford upright fridgeShould you be looking at a 3-way 12v fridge the Thetford N614E, 3 Way Fridge 182L is the best in this category.

American made they have a tried and tested track record having been used in RV’s in the US for years.

This particular 12v fridge freezer upright model is the largest in the Thetford 3-way absorption fridge range.

*Note this model does not allow swapping of door hinges from right to left. Ensure you order the right opening door model or left opening door model depending on your installation needs

Other features include:

  • Auto energy source selection
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • 2 fans for cooling
  • 3-year warranty
  • Super quiet
  • 53L freezer

Click here to check prices and more reviews of Thetford 3-way 12v Upright Fridge.

Dometic Upright Fridge Review

Dometic upright fridgeThe Dometic RUC 8408X Compressor Fridge & Freezer has a 224L capacity. The narrow, tall design and small footprint take up less space without compromising storage.

This Dometic upright fridge 12v model can be easily fitted to existing caravans needing a refrigerator upgrade due to its narrow design. The fridge can fit through a caravan door easily.

Other features of this Dometic 12v upright fridge and freezer include:

  • Humidity controlled, full-width crisper
  • Reliable in high humidity tropical areas
  • Auto-switching from DC to AC
  • Reversible door hinges
  • Built-in service mode
  • 3-year warranty
  • 46L freezer

Click here to check the price and more reviews of the Dometic 224L Upright Fridge.

Glacio Upright Fridge Review

Glacio upright fridgeWe’ve included this budget Chinese fridge as the 11th fridge for this buying guide as an alternative to the premium fridges in this list.

The Glacio 12v fridge does have mixed reviews some people love it others, not so much. This is due to parts breaking or the fridge not cooling or holding as the customer would like. Other complaints include getting stuck on one temperature, various flashing error codes and some only lasting a few months.

If you need an occasional fridge this may suit you, however, for a longer trip or big lap you may want to consider one of the fridges above.

Features the Glacio 100L Portable Camping Fridge Freezer includes:

  • Use indoors or on the road
  • Overload protection
  • Automatic cutoff
  • Energy efficient
  • 20L freezer
  • 1-year warranty
  • Door lock

 Click here to check price and more reviews for the Glacio Upright Fridge.

Wrap Up

We hope you have found this 12v upright fridge guide to finding the best fridge to suit your needs.

We’ve covered all the major brands of 12v upright fridges including Bushman, Waeco, Engel, Dometic, Thetford, Isotherm, EvaKool and Viltrifrigio.

Looking for other caravan accessories and products for caravanning and camping? Read our other complete guides for the best camping fridge, best vacuum sealer, best diesel caravan heater and caravanning essentials.

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